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Public (subsidiary)
Industry Car rental
Founded 2008 (2008)
Headquarters Stuttgart, Germany
Number of locations
Services Carsharing
Parent Daimler AG

car2go is a German car rental company. It is a subsidiary of Daimler AG providing carsharing services in European and North American cities. The company offers exclusively Smart Fortwo and Mercedes-Benz vehicles and features one-way point-to-point rentals. Users are charged by the minute, with hourly and daily rates available.[1] The service forgoes the typical centralized rental office, and cars are user-accessed via a downloadable smartphone app wherever they are parked.[citation needed] As of October 2016, car2go is the largest carsharing company in the world with over 2,000,000 members.[2]


Daimler introduced the service in Ulm, Germany, in October 2008,[3] where it was developed by one of its internal business innovation units and was first tested exclusively by Daimler employees.[4]

As of October 2016, car2go operates over 14,000 vehicles, which serve eight countries and 30 cities worldwide with over 2,000,000 customers.[5] Starting in May 2015, car2go added a $1 'Driver Protection Fee' for each ride to offset the lowered deductible.[6]

car2go cars in Austin, Texas

Since inception, car2go withdrew from several locations, including Britain, where it closed its service in London and Birmingham after only a year of operation.[7] Due to a lack of charging stations, car2go in San Diego, California, decided to replace all of its all-electric vehicle fleet with gasoline-powered cars starting on 1 May 2016. When the service started in 2011, car2go expected 1,000 charging stations to be deployed around the city, but only 400 were in place by early 2016. As a result, an average of 20% of the carsharing fleet is unavailable at any given time because the cars are either being charged or because they don’t have enough electricity in them to be driven.[8] At the end of 2016 car2go left the San Diego market.[9]



The following table details all locations where car2go is active as of February 2017:

City Country Fleet Power fortwo fortwo new A-Class B-Class CLA GLA forfour Start date Ref.
Austin U.S. 300 Gasoline May 2010 [10]
Düsseldorf/Cologne Germany 650 Gasoline February 2011 [11][12]
Hamburg Germany 800 Gasoline April 2011 [13][14]
Vancouver Canada 1,275 Gasoline June 2011 [15][16][17]
Amsterdam Netherlands 350 Electric November 2011 [18]
Vienna Austria 700 Gasoline December 2011 [19][20]
Madrid Spain 500 Electric November 2015 [21]
Washington, D.C. U.S. 600 Gasoline March 2012 [22][23]
Portland, Oregon U.S. 465 Gasoline March 2012 [24]
Berlin Germany 1,200 Gasoline April 2012 [25]
Toronto Canada 375 Gasoline June 2012 [26]
Calgary Canada 600 Gasoline July 2012 [27]
Stuttgart Germany 500 Electric November 2012 [28][29]
Seattle U.S. 750 Gasoline December 2012 [30][31]
Columbus U.S. 300 Gasoline October 2013 [32]
Denver U.S. 400 Gasoline June 2013 [33][34]
Munich Germany 300 Gasoline June 2013 [13]
Milan Italy 700 Gasoline August 2013 [35]
Montreal Canada 460 Gasoline November 2013 [36][37][38]
Rome Italy 600 Gasoline March 2014 [39][40]
Florence/Prato Italy 235 Gasoline May 2014 [41]
Frankfurt Germany 250 Gasoline September 2014
New York City U.S. 550 Gasoline October 2014 [42][43]
Turin Italy 450 Gasoline March 2015 [44]
Chongqing China 600 Gasoline April 2016 [45]


The following table details all locations where car2go is no longer active as of November 2016:

Country Start date End date Reference
Ulm Germany October 2008 December 2014 [46][47]
Lyon France February 2012 June 2012 [48]
London United Kingdom December 2012 May 2014 [49]
Birmingham United Kingdom May 2013 May 2014 [50]
South Bay, Los Angeles U.S. June 2014 June 2015 [51]
Eugene, Oregon U.S. October 2014 June 2015 [52]
Copenhagen Denmark September 2014 January 2016 [53]
Miami U.S. July 2012 February 2016 [54]
Stockholm Sweden November 2014 September 2016 [55]
Minneapolis-Saint Paul U.S. September 2013 December 2016 [56]
San Diego U.S. November 2011 December 2016 [57]


The following table details all planned locations for car2go as of November 2016:

Country Start date no. of cars Reference
Brussels Belgium October 2016 300 [58]

Business model[edit]

car2go member card reader that allows access to the vehicle

The car2go business model is similar in all markets, although rates vary by location. The company charges a per minute rate, with discounted fixed rates for hourly and daily usage also available and applied automatically.[59] The rates are all-inclusive and cover rental, gas, insurance, parking (in authorized areas), and maintenance. In Horseshoe Bay, Canada, a popular satellite parking location near Vancouver, BC, Canada, a fee of $10 is now charged for ending your trip there on Fridays and Saturdays. A low fixed annual fee is sometimes also charged. In most markets, car2go vehicles can park in either specially designated parking spots, or in standard parking areas, with a special permit from the local municipality.[60]


Two car2go Smart electric drive cars charging at the Herengracht in Amsterdam
Car2Go 4-door Mercedes-Benz B-Class and a 2-door Smart fortwo in Downtown Vancouver

In most cities, car2go offers only two-passenger vehicles, namely two types of Smart Fortwo "car2go edition" vehicles: gasoline-powered, and electric-powered. The gasoline-powered cars can be found in three variants based on roof configuration: "original" with integrated solar panel roof; "upgraded" with a panoramic polycarbonate roof and power side mirrors; and "new" featuring a standard roof.[citation needed] Electric car2go models are currently available in several markets, have a range of 84 miles (135 km), and need to be recharged every two or three days.[61] In its Canadian markets, car2go has a pilot program in place to supplement its fleet with a small number of four-door Mercedes B-class vehicles.[62][63]


First-party and third-party apps for mobile devices allow users to locate and reserve vehicles.[64] When reserving a car online, the customers are able to see the car's fuel gauge (gasoline-powered cars) or the battery's state of charge (electric-powered cars), so if the customer wants to go for an extended drive, they can find the right car for that trip. [65]

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