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The Car Audio Sports Organization is MECA (Mobile Electronics Competition Association, Inc.) started in 1999. Web sites are:

SQL (Sound Quality League) focuses on high performance musical systems: Sound Quality (SQ and SQ2), custom installs, and RTA Freq Out contests. Vehicles are classified by audio system complexity of design. There are seven classes overall in this category. They are Stock, Street, Modified Street, Modified, Modex, Extreme, and Master. Each class has certain restrictions, with the most being in Stock, and the least in Master. MECA utilizes a standard testing disc, which features various songs to test different aspects of sound quality, for all of its judging at competitions. The AudioControl SA-3055 is the official 3X points contest RTA Freq Out meter. For 3X points Sound Quality contests, 3 Judges evaluate the audio system separately, and the scores are averaged to determine the winners in 7 classes. There are 4 Install classes. They are Stock, Street, Modified, and Extreme. Certain criteria must be met to receive the best score possible, and these are outlined in the rule book. RTA Freq Out has no class separation.

SPL (Sound Pressure League) focuses on loud bass Sound reproduction systems with Sound Pressure and Park & Pound contests. State and World Champions and USA National Points Champions. Vehicles are grouped according to the "Pressure Class" method which separates the vehicles by complexity of audio system design, combined with the potential of the audio system to make "bass". The "Pressure Class Formula" adds woofer cone surface area with sub amp(s) power. Woofer cone surface area is measured in square inches. For example, a round 12" woofer is 113 sq. inches and a square 12" woofer is 144 sq. inches. Power is determined by fusing X 10. For example, a 30 amp fuse yields 300 watts. The Street, Modified, and Radical X divisions and Drive-by SPL Parade have unfused, or unlimited, classes: S5, M5, X2, and DB5. The Amateur Street division has 2 classes (AS1, AS2) and is limited to basic audio systems with the test taken with the motor running but not revving, and the sensor placed at the driver's seat. The TermLab meter is the official 2X and 3X points contest meter. There are 15 SP (Sound Pressure) classes and 5 Park & Pound classes. Sound Pressure is measured inside the vehicle. Park & Pound is measured outside the vehicle, 6' from the passenger side, with heavy-duty bass music tracks, for example: BassMekanik 808 CD released 2009. MECA added Dueling Demos to the contest list in 2013, and there are 2 classes: Street & Modified.

"Show & Shine" car/truck/motorcycle contests. Judging based on cleanliness, attention to details, and modifications (done properly and part of an integrated theme). t he Rule Book free on-line at, also with, and

  • 102 USA events in 2008 with 700+ members,

114 USA events in 2009. 130+ USA events in 2013 with 500+ members,