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Carabram is an annual multi-cultural festival in Brampton, Ontario, founded in 1982.

The festival was founded after volunteers from different ethnic communities wanted to organize a festival celebrating diversity and cross-cultural friendship. With a name based on a similar Toronto event, the Caravan Festival of Cultures, Carabram's first event included Italian, Scottish, Ukrainian, and West Indian pavilions. By 2003, forty-five-thousand visitors visited 18 pavilions. Canada itself had an anchor pavilion in the late-1980s and early-1990s, but ceased when it failed to get sponsorship.

Brampton Transit runs a free service connecting the pavilions, for people presenting a ticket to the festival.


Countries, continents, states and geographic or cultural regions that have been represented at Carabram through the years include Africa, Arab (dubbed "Arabian"), Canada, Caribbean*, China, Croatia, Chile, England, Germany*, Greece, Hawaii*, Hispanic, the Netherlands, India*, Ireland*, Israel, Italy*, Macedonia*, Mexico, Myanmar*, Pakistan*, Philippines*, Poland*, Portugal, Romania, and Ukraine*. Those pavilions marked with asterisks were part of the 2006 festivities.


  • 1982: Italian, Scottish, Ukrainian, and West Indian pavilions to start.
  • 2006: Myanmar and Pakistan added, the Netherlands dropped.
  • 2008: Canada, Caribbean, Croatia, Germany, Hawaii, India, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland and Ukraine.
  • 2008: Bulgaria, Portugal added. Ireland dropped.
  • 2009: Ireland added. Croatia dropped. Bulgaria, Canada, Caribbean, Germany, Hawaii, India, Italy, Ireland, Macedonia, Myanmar, Philippines, Poland, Portugal and Ukraine
  • 2011: Latin America, United Africa added.


  • 2006: 40,000[1]


Board of directors for Carabram 2011[edit]

  • Angela Johnson, President
  • David Elich, Vice-President
  • Paula Fanni, Secretary
  • Thomas Gabowski, Treasurer
  • Gloria Rousseau
  • Michelle Blinch
  • Eric Chan
  • Sarb Rana
  • Judith Sylvestre
  • Tish Guerin
  • Bessie Terzi

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