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Caradog "Crag" Jones (born 1962) is a Welsh climber. He is the first Welshman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, a feat achieved on 23 May 1995. He was the 724th climber to reach the summit.[1] The final ascent was made with Michael Knakkergaard-Jorgensen, the first Dane to the summit.

Jones was born and bred in Pontrhydfendigaid, a village near Tregaron, Ceredigion, in mid-Wales.

Everest expedition[edit]

Jones and Jorgensen were part of a larger world team, led by Henry Todd of the UK, and using Himalayan guides.

The team took the northern route (North Col – North East Ridge)

His ascent of Everest was made into a 52-minute film for television,[2] and featured camera work by Eric Jones).

Other peaks and "firsts"[edit]

He made the first ascent of Hunza Peak (6200m)

On 25 January 2001 Jones made the first ascent, solo, of the highest of the Three Brothers peaks (2008m) at the north west end of the Allardyce Range on South Georgia.[3]

In 2005, together with Julian Freeman-Attwood, Rich Howarth and Skip Novak, Jones completed a 17-day south-north traverse of South Georgia. As part of this they made the first ascent of Pk. 5680 (1,727m).[4] (Some pictures here)

In October 1996, with Mick Fowler and Julian Freeman-Attwood, Jones made the first ascent of Yes, Please, a crag in Orkney. (A picture here)

Jones now lives with his wife and daughter in Frodsham, Cheshire, working as a freelance fisheries consultant.[5]

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