Caraguatay, Paraguay

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Caraguatay is located in Paraguay
Coordinates: 25°14′0″S 56°49′0″W / 25.23333°S 56.81667°W / -25.23333; -56.81667Coordinates: 25°14′0″S 56°49′0″W / 25.23333°S 56.81667°W / -25.23333; -56.81667
FoundedSeptember 24, 1770
 • Intendente municipalJesús Salvador Torres Martínez
 • Total91 km2 (35 sq mi)
71 m (233 ft)
 • Total11,568
Postal code
Area code(s)(595) (517)

Caraguatay (Spanish pronunciation: [kaɾaɣwaˈtaj]), Guaraní: Karaguatay) is a distrito and town located in the Vapor Cué region of the Cordillera Department in Paraguay. The livelihood of most citizens includes farming, fishing, and local trading.


The climate in this department is mild and dry. The average temperature is 22 °C, in summer reaches 39 °C and in winter drops to 3 °C.


Caraguatay had a population of 11,568, including 6,045 men and 5,523 women, at the 2002 census.

Many of its inhabitants have traveled to the United States to work, and send remittances to their families. Building work in the city shows the great investment that this income has resulted in.[citation needed]


The Spanish family Franco founded the city on September 24, 1770, during the government of Carlos Morphi, in the banks of Yhaguy River. This locality was previously called Puesto Mbocajaty and included the areas of Iriarte, Ybyraity and Yeguarizo.

It is one of the oldest localities of the country. It possesses a beautiful Colonial architecture, with gardens and streets very well cared.

In the closeness of the historical center of the city, there is the “Vapor Cué” Museum, were can be appreciated ships rescued from the Yhaguy River: Apa, Ypoá, Pirabebé and Amambay, these were set on fire by its crew, so their enemies could not take possession of them.


The population dedicates to the agriculture and cattle. Many of its people have gone to work in other countries, specially the United States, so the receiving of remittance is the greatest city income.


The foundation of the city on September 24, coincides with the patron saint’s festivity of the Virgin De Las Mercedes, in which are organized official, liturgical and student acts, in addition to musical and dancing festivals.

Marshall López and Madame Lynch used to live in a house in Caraguatay, the house of the Miranda family, before they moved to San Estanislao.

The Ykuá Ramírez was camp of the Paraguayan troops during the War of the 1870.

Vapor Cué is a museum in the open, near the Yahguy River, where the rest of seven ships of the Paraguayan Armed Fleet that participated in the War of 1870 are exhibited. Also, metallic pieces and objects, flags and photographs from that time.

The festivities of the city are May 14, day of Saint Francis Labrador and September 24, day of the Virgin De Las Mercedes, the city’s patron saint.

How to get there[edit]

Caraguatay is 91 kilometers from Asunción, taking the Route number 2. In the center of Eusebio Ayala, 65 kilometers from Asunción, there is a deviation to the north, which leads to Caraguatay and other cities.

In Asunción, from the central bus station, there are several buses that go to Caraguatay.

People from Caraguatay[edit]

Three Paraguayan presidents were born in Caraguatay:

Others personalities:

  • Commandant Lara, Hero of the War of 1870
  • Quemil Yambay, comedian and musician
  • Gregorio y Cirilo Ortega
  • Monsignor Demetrio Aquino
  • Christian Gayoso



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