Carajás Mountains

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Carajás Mountains
Serra dos Carajás
Carajas Mine.jpg
Highest point
Peak Monte Redenção
Elevation 716 m (2,349 ft)
Coordinates 6°16′37″S 50°34′54″W / 6.27694°S 50.58167°W / -6.27694; -50.58167Coordinates: 6°16′37″S 50°34′54″W / 6.27694°S 50.58167°W / -6.27694; -50.58167
Country Brazil
State/Province North
Borders on Carajás Mountains

The Carajás Mountains or Serra dos Carajás are a mountain range to the west of the municipality of Marabá in the Pará state of Brazil. Monte Redenção, Marabá's highest point,[citation needed] is located there.

The mountains are contained in the Carajás National Forest, a 411,949 hectares (1,017,950 acres) sustainable use conservation unit created in 1998 that includes mining operations in a huge deposit of high-grade iron ore.[1]

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Further reading[edit]

  • Newton Pereira de Rezende, Carajás: memórias da descoberta, Editora Gráfica Stamppa, 2009, 316 pg. Book in Portuguese telling the history of Carajás' iron mines' discovery.