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OriginBuenos Aires, Argentina
GenresNu metal,[1] alternative metal, hardcore punk, groove metal, punk rock, metalcore
Years active2000–present
Associated actsA.N.I.M.A.L., D-Mente
MembersMarcelo "Corvata" Corvalán
Hernán "Tery" Langer
Andrés "Andy" Vilanova

Carajo is a rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was formed in 2000 with Marcelo "Corvata" Corvalan on bass and vocals, Andres "Andy" Vilanova on drums and Hernan "Tery" Langer on guitar and backing vocals. The first two share the history of having been part of the band A.N.I.M.A.L..


2000: Band Creation[edit]

Creation of Carajo with Corvata on bass and vocals, Andy on drums and Tery on guitar and backing vocals. Their first show is at "La Diabla" on May 4 with the band Ritual. They also play in neighbouring Uruguay.

2002: Debut Album: Carajo[edit]

Recording of their first full-length album, Carajo, officially presented on May 7 at The Roxy in Buenos Aires. In November they play at Colombia's Rock al parque festival in front of 80,000 people. The band is named "Breakthrough Band of 2002" by the most important newspapers in Argentina.


They play Cosquin Rock, one of the most important summer festivals in Argentina, before 14,000 people. The EP Carajografia is released and they are nominated for an MTV Latin America video music award for "Best New Artist"

2004: Atrapasueños[edit]

Release of the second full-length studio album, Atrapasueños (Dreamcatcher) and its successful presentation in front of 3000 people at Buenos Aires' "Republica Cromañon" (nearly a month before the tragedy at the same venue ends the life of 194 people during a Callejeros concert). This year also features their first visit to Paraguay.

2005: Electrorroto Acustizado 2.0[edit]

Carajo's first visit to Bolivia and Chile. Due to an accident (Andy's broken wrist), important shows are cancelled, which results in the band experimenting with new sounds and musical styles. Months later, the band releases Electrorroto Acustizado 2.1 (Acustified Electrobroken 2.1), a one-off show were they remade their own songs and played covers (Andy actually played the show, still with a cast on his forearm/hand). The live CD Electrorroto Acustizado 2.1 is released.


Carajo writes a new chapter in Argentinian rock by becoming the first band ever to play in Cuba. The band returns to Uruguay and visits Panama for the first time.

2007: Inmundo[edit]

After many delays, the band's third studio album Inmundo is released. The DVD Formando Asi Cada Parte Del Todo (Thus Forming Each Part of the Everything) containing footage of their show at Arena Obras Sanitarias in November 2005, and from their trip to Cuba is postponed indefinitely after many delays in its release (apparently due to technical problems). The band's first visit to Venezuela is slated for mid-August.


These days, Carajo is at studio, writing songs for the new album, which is going to be released in early 2010.

2010: El Mar De Las Almas[edit]

Carajo's 4th studio album is titled "El Mar de las Almas" (The Sea of Souls), And is meant to be released on September 23. The First Single of the album is called "Acido" (Acid).

2013: Frente A Frente[edit]

This is the first double album of the band, was released on September 25 and produced by Alejandro Vazquez.

2016: Hoy Como Ayer[edit]

On August 12, the band released a documentary film/live album called Hoy Como Ayer, with new songs and a documentary that shows the 15 years of group's career.



Edited in 2002 by Gua Gua Musica, distributed by Universal Music Argentina

  1. Resistiendo Con Ideas (Resisting With Ideas)
  2. Sacate La Mierda (Take Off Your Shit)
  3. El Vago (The Bum)
  4. La Parca (The Reaper)
  5. Salvaje (Wild)
  6. Noche (Night)
  7. Ironía (Irony)
  8. Pura Vida (Pure Life)
  9. La Guerra Y La Paz (War And Peace)
  10. Mal Popular (People's Ill)
  11. Conquistador (Conqueror)
  12. Estilo De Vida (Lifestyle)
  13. Interactive Track: EPK


EP with remakes and live performances, edited by Gua Gua Musica. Sold as a promotion with the ticket for the show Club carajo 3.0 in 2003.

  1. Salvaje (Wild)
  2. Resistiendo Con Ideas (Resisting With Ideas)
  3. Diferentes Maneras (Different Ways)
  4. Rescatarse (Save Oneself)
  5. El Vago (The Bum)

Interactive Track: Ironia music video


Edited by Universal Music Argentina in 2004.

  1. Hacerse Cargo (Take Responsibility)
  2. Atrapasueños (Dreamcatcher)
  3. Triste (Sad)
  4. Mata-rutinas (Routine-Killer)
  5. El Error (The Mistake)
  6. Fluir (Flow)
  7. El Llanto Espiritual (The Spiritual Cry)
  8. La Fuerza Original (The Original Force)
  9. La Huella Del Depredador (The Predator's Track)
  10. Como Deberia Ser (How It Should Be)
  11. De Frente Al Mar (Facing The Sea)
  12. Bicho De Ciudad (City Bug)
  13. ¿Qué Tienes Para Dar? (What Do You Have To Offer?)
  14. Algo En Qué Creer (Something To Believe In)
  15. De Hoy No Pasa (Doesn't Go Further Than Today)

Interactive Track: EPK

Electrorroto Acustizado 2.1[edit]

Live CD of the special show "Electrorroto Acustizado 2.1". Edited in 2005 by Universal Music Argentina . It has a CD of live music and a DVD with Carajo's videography until that point.

  • CD:
  1. El Error (The Mistake)
  2. Salvaje (Wild)
  3. La Fuerza Original (The Original Force)
  4. Algo En Que Creer (Something To Believe In)
  5. Ironia (Irony)
  6. El Llanto Espiritual (The Spiritual Cry)
  7. Como Deberia Ser (How It Should Be)
  8. Atrapasueños (Dreamcatcher)
  9. De Frente Al Mar (Facing The Sea)
  10. Triste (Sad)
  11. No Tan Distintos (Not So Different)
  12. El Vago (The Bum)
  13. ¿Qué Tienes Para Dar? (What Do You Have To Offer?)
  • DVD:
  1. Sacate La Mierda (Take Your Shit Out)
  2. Salvaje (Wild)
  3. Ironia (Irony)
  4. El Vago (The Bum)
  5. El Error (The Mistake)
  6. Triste (Sad)
  7. Triste (electrorroto) [Sad (electrobroken)]


Released June 21, 2007 by Universal Music Argentina

  1. In
  2. Histeria, TV, Cancion de Moda (Hysteria, TV, Fashionable Song)
  3. Chico Granada (Grenade Kid)
  4. Inocencia Perdida (Lost Innocence)
  5. Alma y Fuego (Soul and Fire)
  6. Acorazados (Armored)
  7. El Que Ama Lo Que Hace (The One Who Loves What He Does)
  8. Joder (Fuck Around)
  9. Una Oportunidad (One Opportunity)
  10. Punk Sin Cresta (Punk Without a Mohawk)
  11. Entre La Fe y La Razon (Between Faith and Reason)
  12. Zion
  13. Carne (Flesh)

Interactive Track: Chico Granada music video

El Mar de las Almas[edit]

Released September 23, 2010 by Universal Music Argentina

  1. Intro
  2. Ácido (Acid)'
  3. Luna Herida (Wounded Moon)
  4. Una Nueva Batalla (A New Battle)
  5. Fantasmas (Ghosts)
  6. Libres (Free)
  7. Pruebas (Tests)
  8. Limbo
  9. Frágil (Fragile)
  10. Virus Anti-amor (Anti-love Virus)
  11. Humildad (Humility)
  12. El Mar de las Almas (The Sea of Souls)

Frente A Frente[edit]

Released September 25, 2013 produced independently

  • Disc 1:
  1. Trágico Mundo Caído (Tragic Fallen World)
  2. Drama
  3. Shock
  4. La Venganza De Los Perdedores (Losers' Revenge)
  5. Versus
  6. Infección (Infection)
  7. A Espaldas Del Bien (Facing Away from Righteousness)
  8. Algo Habremos Hecho (We Must Have Done Something)
  • Disc 2:
  1. Tracción A Sangre (Blood Traction)
  2. Para Vos (For You)
  3. El Cofre Del Pasado (The Coffer From The Past)
  4. Sobrevivir (Survive)
  5. El Dedo En La Llaga (The Finger On The Sore)
  6. Andante (Walker)
  7. El Aguijón (The Sting)
  8. Promesas (Promises)

Non-official songs / covers[edit]


  • Sacate La Mierda - (2002) (Carajo)
  • Salvaje - (2002) (Carajo)
  • Ironia - (2003) (Carajo)
  • El Vago - (2003) (Carajo)
  • El Error - (2004) (Atrapasueños)
  • Triste - (2005) (Atrapasueños)
  • Triste (electrorroto) - (2005) (Electrorroto Acustizado 2.1)
  • De Frente Al Mar - (2006) (Atrapasueños)
  • Hacerse Cargo - (2007) (Atrapasueños)
  • Chico Granada - (2007) (Inmundo)
  • El Que Ama Lo Que Hace - (2007) (Inmundo)
  • Formando Asi Cada Parte Del Todo - (2007) DVD (postponed, never released)
  • Acorazados - (2008) (Inmundo)
  • Joder - (2009) (Inmundo)
  • Carne - (2009) (Inmundo)
  • Acido - (2010) (El Mar de las Almas)
  • Luna Herida - (2011) (El Mar de las Almas)
  • Humildad - (2011) (El Mar de las Almas)
  • Libres - (2012) (El Mar de las Almas)
  • Virus Anti-Amor (2012) (El Mar de las Almas)
  • Shock (2013) (Frente a Frente)
  • La Venganza de los Perdedores (2013) (Frente a Frente)
  • Tracción a Sangre (2014) (Frente a Frente)
  • Para Vos (2014) (Frente a Frente)
  • Drama (2014) (Frente a Frente)


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