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This article is about the Swedish musical group. For the food, see caramel.
Origin Sweden
Genres Eurodance, Bubblegum dance
Years active 1998–2002 (as Caramell)
2008-present (as Caramella Girls)
Labels Remixed Records
Website Caramella Girls Official Website
Members Mindy (played by Racheal Alicost)
Verá (played by Lucky McSozzen)
Nadine (played by Karin Ellis)
Malin Sundström (by herself) in a Hallowe'en procession at Café Opera in 1998.

Caramell is a Swedish musical group, formed by singers Katia Löfgren and Malin Sundström and producers Jorge "Vasco" Vasconcelo and Juha "Millboy" Myllylä.[1] All except Vasconcelo (who is of Chilean descent) and Myllylä (who is of Finnish descent) come from Sweden. The current members of this successful band (now known as Caramella Girls) as of 2008 are Caramella Loppun (Mindy) [Leader] played by Racheal Alicost, Caramella Cham (Verá) played by Lucky McSozzen, and Caramella Gardeii (Nadine) played by Karin Ellis.

They are best known online for the internet phenomenon known as "Caramelldansen", a looping Flash animation showing anime characters Mai and Mii from the Japanese visual novel Popotan. The animation includes a sped-up version of the song remixed by speedycake called "Caramelldansen," which means "The Caramell Dance", from Caramell's Supergott Album. Having taken off as an Internet meme, the popular Caramelldansen animation has been duplicated with characters from various anime and video game series, among others.

The band split up in 2002, but reformed in 2008 as Caramella Girls due to the sudden success of their song "Caramelldansen". The group has released several songs under this new name.

In 2011, Caramella Girls performed together with the original Caramell members as part of the We Love The 90's tour, performing new versions of some of their older hits such as "Om du var min" and "Efter plugget". Later that year in 2011, the Caramella Girls performed at the UppCon in Uppsala. In May 2012, Caramella Girls launched their new look on their website and their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

On December 31, 2012, Caramella Girls uploaded their new song "We Love To Party" on YouTube. The following day, on January 1st, 2013, the song was released as a single. On December 17, 2013, Caramella Girls released their new single "Get the Gold" internationally on iTunes. On October 20, 2014, Caramella Girls released their new single "Tokyo" to digital stores internationally. They started promoting it on November 20th and November 21st.

On March 20, 2015, Caramella Girls released their new single "Cheerleaders". They also announced a contest for fans to enter a video of them lipsynching to a clip of the song.

On December 26, 2015, the group released a cover of Aqua's song "Barbie Girl", entitled "Candy Girl". The music video was posted on YouTube on January 1, 2016.

The chorus to "Caramelldansen" (original).

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as Caramell[edit]

  • Om du var min (12th Mar 1999)
  • Efter plugget (18th Jun 1999)
  • Jag ser på dig (10th Sep 1999)
  • Explodera (som dynamit) (26th Nov 1999)
  • Caramelldansen (November 2001)
  • Vad heter du? (2001)
  • Ooa hela natten (25th Feb 2002)
  • Allra bästa vänner (18th Apr 2002)

as Caramella Girls[edit]

  • Caramelldancing Christmas Version (26 November 2009)
  • Boogie Bam Dance (18 March 2011)
  • Caramelldancing Remixes EP (30 October 2012)
  • We Love To Party (1 January 2013)
  • Get The Gold (17 December 2013)
  • Tokyo (20 October 2014)
  • Candy Girl (26 December 2015)
  • Cheerleaders (4 April 2016)

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