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In 1959, Dick Clark formed the Caravan of Stars, a road show featuring some of the most popular stars and musical groups of the day. Chubby Checker, Duane Eddy, Bobby Darin, Fabian, Buddy Holly, Annette Funicello and Bo Diddley toured with the Caravan. Chuck Berry joined the tour as well but chose to drive his pink Cadillac.

Among the stars were brothers Frank and Joe Jordan who had appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand a total of three times with such hits as "Be Mine" and "Dream Romance." The Jordan Brothers, who recorded on Jamie-Guyden Records, participated in the 49-day "Caravan of Stars" that took them throughout the United States and Canada. The 17-piece orchestra of singer Lloyd Price was used as back up for all of the seasoned veterans on the stage.[1]


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