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Carbon Trade Watch is an independent research collective working on climate change and climate policy from a justice-based perspective. It was formerly part of the Amsterdam-based Transnational Institute. Since January 2010, Carbon Trade Watch is an autonomous legal association based in Barcelona, Spain. The ‘new’ organisation, Environmental Justice Research Collective - EJRC, houses the same team and the ongoing work of Carbon Trade Watch as well as expand into new research areas.

By centring its work on bottom-up community-led projects and campaigns, Carbon Trade Watch aims to provide a durable body of research which ensures that a holistic and justice-based analysis of climate change and environmental policies is not forgotten or compromised. As part of our solidarity work, CTW aims to accompany and support movements and communities in their local initiatives and struggles for environmental and social justice. Importantly, the collective gathers and translates work with others in this field to help facilitate broader co-operation and understanding.[1]

Their work includes the film The Carbon Connection[2] and the book Carbon Trading: How it works and why it fails [3]