Cyapho radical

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Cyapho radical
IUPAC name
Cyapho radical
Other names
Carbon phosphide
Carbon monophosphide
Cyaphogenyl radical
3D model (JSmol)
  • InChI=1S/CP/c1-2
  • [C]#P
Molar mass 42.985 g·mol−1
Related compounds
Related compounds
CN SiP CCP radical, HCP
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Cyapho radical, as known as carbon monophosphide, carbon phosphide, isocyapho, is a diatomic chemical with formula CP. It is cousin of CS and the cyanide radical (CN). CP and CN are both open-shell species with doublet Π ground electronic states while the ground states of CS and CO are closed-shell. The related anion, CP, is called cyaphide.

Detection in interstellar medium[edit]

The simple diatomic cyapho radical (CP) was detected in the circumstellar envelope of the star IRC +10216 in 1990.[1] The identification was made by matching 10 rotational lines observed with the IRAM 30m radiotelescope.[2][3]


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