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Carboniferous tetrapods include amphibians and reptiles that lived during the Carboniferous Period.

During this time, amphibians (including many extinct groups unrelated to modern forms, referred to as "basal tetrapods") were the predominant tetrapods, and included the Temnospondyli, Lepospondyli, and Reptiliomorpha/Batrachosauria. The first amniotes appeared during the middle Carboniferous (Early Pennsylvanian, and included both Sauropsids and Synapsids, but it was not until the very end of the Carboniferous that the reptiles began to diversify.


The following list of families of Carboniferous tetrapods is based mostly on Benton ed. 1993. The classification follows Benton 2004:

Superclass Tetrapoda

  • Basal Tetrapods
        • Order Incertae Sedis
        • Order Gephyrostegida
Orders/Suborders Uncertain

Series Amniota

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