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Carbon fiber is one of the two components of carbotanium.

It is a combination of beta titanium alloy with advanced carbon composites, having a matched yield strength and moduli of elasticity ratio. When the combination is adhesively bonded both parts will approach maximum yield strength and fail at a similar amount of total strain.[1] The components of carbotanium; carbon fiber and titanium, are woven together to form a strong, light material that can withstand significant amounts of heat and strain. This is because carbon fiber has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any current fiber and titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any current metal. As a result, carbotanium can withstand temperatures up to around 315 °C.[2] The material properties of carbotanium are a mixture of those of a titanium alloy and a carbon fiber.


The titanium and carbon composites are combined by first abrading the titanium to be bonded, coating the titanium with platinum. The titanium is then aged by heating the specimen in an oven at 500 degrees Celsius for several hours.[3] A primer is then sprayed onto the coated titanium. Next, an adhesive is applied to the primer side of the titanium and then finally, the carbon is applied to the adhesive. This allows the carbon composite to bond securely to the titanium.[4]


The Pagani Zonda R, which is made from carbotanium.

Carbotanium is a patented composite material invented by Modena Design, the carbon composite manufacturing and consultancy arm of the Italian car company Pagani. Pagani has applied this weave on their latter extra strong and lightweight supercars, the Zonda R and Huayra. Although not all Zondas are made from carbotanium, some are formed from carbon fibre. They have also used other variations of metal/composites.


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