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Carcant, a collection of houses in a secluded glen off Heriot Water
Carcant, old woods

Carcant is a small settlement and a wind farm, near Heriot in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland.

A famous inhabitant of Carcant was Eric Liddell.


Carcant is etymologically a Cumbric place-name. The first element is cognate with Welsh caer 'fortification'. The second might be can 'white', in which case the name means 'white fort'; but more likely it is cant 'edge of a circle', in this context probably meaning 'district, region, edge, border', thus giving 'fort of the region/border'.[1]

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Coordinates: 55°45′43″N 3°00′47″W / 55.762°N 3.013°W / 55.762; -3.013