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Coordinates: 38°14′26″N 40°04′58″E / 38.2405025°N 40.0827385°E / 38.2405025; 40.0827385
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Carcathiocerta (Armenian: Կարկաթիոկերտ, Karkatiokert or Արկաթիակերտ, Arkatiakert; Ancient Greek: Καρκαθιόκερτα, Karkathiokerta) was a city in Armenian Sophene near the Tigris, identified with the modern town of Eğil. It was the first capital of Sophene until Arsames I founded the new capital Arshamshat around 230 BCE. The Seleucid king Antiochus IV Epiphanes renamed the city into Epiphania.[citation needed] Strabo in his Geography, calls it "The royal city of Sophene".[1] It was assigned to the late Roman province of Mesopotamia.[2] It also bore the names Artagigarta, Baras, Basileon Phrourion, and Ingila.[3] Under the name Ingila, it became a bishopric; no longer the seat of a residential bishop, it remains a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church.[4]

Its site is located at Eğil in Asiatic Turkey.[3][2]


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38°14′26″N 40°04′58″E / 38.2405025°N 40.0827385°E / 38.2405025; 40.0827385