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Cardamom Town (Norwegian: Kardemomme by) is a theme park located within the Kristiansand Zoo, made after the popular Norwegian children's book When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town by Thorbjørn Egner.

The theme park, which opened in 1991, was made to look exactly like it looks in the original illustrations in the book. Thorbjørn Egner got to see the theme park while it was under construction, but did not live long enough to see it completed.

The theme park comprises 33 houses, eight of which are rental properties. During the summer actors would walk around the area of the theme park and pretend to represent the residents of the fictional town. In addition the visitors of the theme park can also see the different main characters in the book; Commissioner Bastian, Aunt Sophia as well as the three robbers; Kasper, Jesper and Jonathan. The theme park also has a working tram, which was made to look like the one in the book, which is operated by an actor who is portraying the character of tram conductor Syversen.

The theme park also has a functioning post office, which uses the postal code "4609 Cardamom Town"

The most notable houses in the Cardamom Town theme park[edit]

  • Tobias' Tower
  • Aunt Sophie's House
  • Chief Bastian's House
  • The town prison
  • The robbers' house


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  • Official website - contains a flash video presentation of the Cardamom Town theme park.

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