Cardamom bread

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Cardamom bread
Cardamom bread.jpg
Finnish "pulla" cardamom bread
Type Sweet bread
Place of origin Sweden
Main ingredients Cardamom, walnuts, vanilla icing
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Cardamom bread is a type of bread flavored with cardamom. Usually baked as a loaf or in a Bundt cake pan, this sweet, aromatic cake is topped with chopped walnuts and vanilla icing, and usually requires about a day's worth of preparation. When the dough has risen, it can be braided to make it more decorative and festive.

Cardamom-flavored bread and buns (Finnish: pulla or nisu; Swedish: kardemummabröd, kardemummabullar) are commonly eaten in Finland and Sweden. Cardamom bread is considered a traditional food among Swedish Americans.[1][2][3] Cardamom buns are eaten along with coffee or tea.[4]

Cardamom[5] is a spice used in several Nordic countries in cakes, cookies, and biscuits, including traditional Christmas pastries in the cuisine of Finland.[6]

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