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Myocardial contusion
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A blunt cardiac injury is an injury to the heart as the result of blunt trauma, typically to the anterior chest wall. It can result in a variety of specific injuries to the heart, the most common of which is a myocardial contusion, which is a term for a bruise (contusion) to the heart after an injury.[1] Other injuries which can result include septal defects and valvular failures.[2] The right ventricle is thought to be most commonly affected due to its anatomic location as the most anterior surface of the heart. Myocardial contusion is not a specific diagnosis and the extent of the injury can vary greatly. Usually, there are other chest injuries seen with a myocardial contusion such as rib fractures, pneumothorax, and heart valve injury.[3] When a myocardial contusion is suspected, consideration must be given to any other chest injuries, which will likely be determined by clinical signs, tests, and imaging.

The signs and symptoms of a myocardial contusion can manifest in different ways in people which may also be masked by the other injuries.[3] It is recommended that people with blunt chest trauma receive an electrocardiogram to determine if there are any irregularities with cardiac function.[3] The presentation of an abnormal heart rhythm after sustaining a myocardial contusion can be delayed for up to 72 hours.[3]

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