Cardijn College

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Cardijn College
Cardijn Logo.png
Noarlunga Downs, South Australia
Type Catholic Private School
Motto See, Judge, Act
Established 1984
Headmaster Paul Rijken
Enrolment 880 (2012)
Campus Suburban
Colour(s) Maroon, Blue, Gold

Cardijn College is a Catholic secondary co-educational school located in the Southern Vales area 25 kilometres south of the Adelaide city centre in South Australia.[1] Established in 1984, it is a diocesan school with a student population (in 2012) of 880.[2]


The College derives its name from Belgian Priest and Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, known for his work founding the Young Christian Workers organisation. Cardijn's decision to spend his life bringing Christianity back to working class (through imprisonment for his activities, to the opposition of the movement from the Church itself), was an inspiration to many, and was considered a worthy title for the College.


List of Principals[edit]

1984–1988 Br Walter Smith
1989–1993 Mr Jeff Croser
1994–1999 Mr Viano Jaksa
1999–2000 Br John Pill
2000–2004 Mr Michael Dahl
2005+ Mr Paul Rijken

Feeder Schools[edit]


The College is surrounded by residential land and retail facilities, and is central to most transport and recreation facilities.


Cardijn has seven houses with homegroups consisting of multi-gender same year students. For example, there are Year 8s in one homeroom, Year 9s in another, etc. There are 5 homerooms per house.

Upon commencement at the college, each student is assigned to one of the seven houses:

House Name Colour Patron Current House Leader
Faulkner Orange Leonard Faulkner Ms Judith Botha
Romero White Óscar Romero Mr Brady Lloyd
Kolbe Green Maximilian Kolbe Ms Anne-Marie Taylor
Lombard Red Frank Lombard Ms Jessica Sweeny
Mackillop Yellow Mary MacKillop Ms Brenda Byrne
Chisholm Blue Caroline Chisholm Mr Liam Brooks
Mitchell Purple Dame Roma Mitchell Ms Debbie Williams


South Australian Certificate of Education[edit]

The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is the diploma given to students who have completed Years 11 and 12 of their secondary schooling in the State of South Australia. It is administered by the SACE Board of South Australia (formerly known as the Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia or SSABSA). The SACE is usually completed over two years.

Vocational Education and Training[edit]

Cardijn College includes a range of vocational education pathways for students interested in this area. In 2011 over 42 students accessed a range of training courses offered through the TAFE SA, Australian Tourism Centre and Quality Automotive Training. Specific training included Animal Studies, Make-Up Services, Hairdressing, Kitchen Operations, Game Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Aged Care Nursing, Vehicle Servicing, Construction, Police Studies and Electrotechnology. 26 students were involved in school based new apprenticeships in Retail, Heavy Vehicle Servicing and Automotive Sales.

Marist Centre[edit]

The College has a special unit for students with intellectual disabilities. Students ranging from Year 8 to 12 have access to the centre, and have their program integrated with mainstream classes. In addition, the College has a Learning Centre which accommodates students with specific disabilities, learning disabilities and students who have been identified needing assistance academically.

Other Endeavours[edit]

All Year 10 students are involved in Australian Business Week (ABW) which is an intense one week enterprise education program giving participants an excellent view of the life of a business.

Year 11 students are involved in a one-week Work Experience Program which is supported by a range of work related study programs to best prepare students for this experience.[3]

College life and community[edit]

The school, although segregated into mixed age houses, has two distinct age brackets: the Middle School and the Senior School.

Middle School[edit]

An audit completed by Principal, Paul Rijken, and senior staff, saw the creation and implementation of a Middle School strategy aimed at development of curriculum, pastoral care and achievement targets for students within the age bracket of 13–15 years old (Year 8 to 9). The overall intention of the revision was to create a system for students to migrate from the higher grades of primary school into the younger grades of high school with ease, to provide support to the students through this transition with a greater emphasis on curriculum integration.

Senior School[edit]

The Senior School is composed of students roughly 15–18 years of age. These students participate in the South Australian Certificate of Education, within the Australian Qualifications Framework. The College allows more flexible study timetables and work allotments for these students, allowing them to liaise with teachers on curriculum, study hours and school contact hours (including after hours on-campus) to allow for the higher study load.

College Board[edit]

The Cardijn College Board has the responsibility of providing guidance to the Principal in governance and leadership of the school. The Board's responsibilities include strategic policy, direction and planning, financial management, community pastoral care, school resources, school maintenance and futures planning.[4]

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Claire Murphy, Nova 91.9FM breakfast show presenter
  • Amber North, FreshFM 92.7 no-pants Friday news reader
  • Tammy May, entrepreneur and founder of MyBudget

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