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C magazine redirects here. For C California Style Magazine, see C California Style Magazine. For the defunct Finnish computer magazine, see C-lehti.
Cardinal Courier Media
Industry Media
Founded 2007
Headquarters Pittsford, New York

Cardinal Courier Media, or CCM, is the overseeing body of several media outlets at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, New York. CCM was founded in 2007 but has roots that date back to 2002.

Current management and employees[edit]


Diana Russo (2017 Fall Semester- present) Tanner Swan (2017 Spring Semester) Valerie Kolossovsky (2016 Fall Semester)

  • Greg Pokriki (2015 Fall Semester - 2016)
  • Emily Mein (2013 Fall Semester - 2014)

Media Adviser[edit]

Courtney Haupt (2016 Fall Semester- Present)

  • Marie Villa (2012 Fall Semester - 2016)


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Cardinal Courier[edit]

Cardinal Courier
Type Bi-weekly newspaper
Format Berliner
Owner(s) Cardinal Courier Media
Editor Emily Mein
Founded 2002
Headquarters Pittsford, New York
Circulation 2,000
Website Cardinal Courier Online

The Cardinal Courier was the award-winning student newspaper at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, New York. The newspaper was published bi-weekly on Wednesdays. The Courier published 12 issues per year. The newspaper was named the New York Press Association's Best College newspaper for 2008 and was twice awarded General Excellence by the NYPA (2002 and 2008). The paper ceased publication in 2015 after the college decided print media had no lessons to teach students.


The original Courier flag (2002-2007).

On April 23, 2002, students at Fisher launched the Cardinal Courier, a new newspaper. Led by John Follaco and Kara Race, this publication replaced the previous paper, The Pioneer. The Pioneer had fallen into disarray and had an ever-shrinking staff. Editors had resigned and the paper had been too closely affiliated with Fisher's student government. After shutting The Pioneer, time was spent researching other papers and determining the direction the new paper should go.

The Courier represented a distinct opposite from the last years of The Pioneer as the younger paper has won several awards, including Columbia and New York Press Association Awards.[1] In 2007, the Courier won the New York Press Association's Best Sports Coverage award for 2006.[2]

Over its existence, the Courier expanded from an eight-page publication to a publication of at least 24 pages an issue. The Courier covered all aspects of the college, including news, opinion, lifestyles and sports.

During the Courier's early years, Lisa "Murph" Murphy held the position of media adviser. Murphy played a vital role in acquiring the resources needed for the Courier to become the campus media influence that it is now. At the end of the 2005-06 school year, Murphy stepped down from the position to take the position of media adviser at Buffalo's Medaille College student newspaper. In 2008, Murphy was recognized for her contributions by induction into St. John Fisher College's Jack Palvino Communication/Journalism Hall of Fame.

With the departure of Murphy, Steve Boerner was hired as the new media adviser for the Cardinal Courier. The next year posed a rough transition for the Courier. Its long-time adviser was gone, many of the final remnants from the founding Courier generation had graduated and membership saw a steep decline. The Spring Semester of 2007, with Bill Kuchman as the new editor in chief, became a period of rapid growth for the Courier. The organization moved from solely publishing a newspaper to additionally publishing a magazine, C Magazine, and maintaining a website, Cardinal Courier Online. With the September 19, 2007 edition, the Courier launched its redesign. Almost every aspect of the paper was changed — from the flag to typefaces to layout. The changes in management along with the new media offerings proved to be an effective recruiting tool.

The "Courier" ceased publication in 2015. In a statement, department chair Jeremy Sarachan said that the print product was no longer an "appropriate [platform] for our students to write and disseminate news in a manner that gives them the specific educational experiences they need."[3]

Executive Editor & Editor in Chief[edit]

During the Courier's lifetime, 17 students have served as the paper's editor in chief. Beginning in 2007, the editor in chief also served as the executive editor, starting with Bill Kuchman.

  • John Follaco (2002 Spring Semester): 1 issue, (2004 Spring Sememster): 6 issues
  • Kara Race (2002 Fall Semester - 2003 Spring Semester): 10 issues
  • Kevin Aubrey (2003 Spring Semester): 2 issues
  • Michelle Girardi (2003 Fall Semester): 6 issues
  • Julie Kane (2004 Fall Semester - 2005 Spring Semester): 12 issues
  • Rachel Henderson (2005 Fall Semester - 2006 Spring Semester): 12 issues
  • Lindsay McCluskey (2006 Fall Semester): 6 issues
  • Bill Kuchman (2007 Spring Semester - 2008 Spring Semester): 18 issues
  • Kyle Hayes (2008 Fall Semester): 6 issues (Welcome Back Issue and Election Edition not included in this count)
  • Megan Baker (2009 Spring Semester): 6 issues
  • Amanda Nasso (2009 Fall Semester): 6 issues
  • Paul Williams (2010 Spring Semester - 2011 Spring Semester): 18 issues
  • Katie Steelman (2011 Fall Semester - 2012 Spring Semester): 12 issues
  • Andrew Marone (2012 Fall Semester): 2 issues
  • Felicia Taromino (2012 Fall Semester): 1 issue
  • Kathleen Fallon (2012 Fall Semester-2013 Fall Semester): 13 issues
  • Emily Mein (2013 Fall Semester-present):

Athletes of the Year[edit]

Beginning in 2006, the Courier began awarding a Male and Female Athlete of the Year accolade. All Fisher athletes were eligible and the award was voted upon by the Courier sports department. For 2007, the same criteria was used as the 2006 awards, except that both the Courier and Cardinal Television's Fisher Sports Desk voted on the recipients of the award. Starting in 2008, the Courier went back to the format that it used in 2006. In 2013, the 2007 format was used again, as part of the Courier's and CTV's efforts to work together.

C Magazine[edit]

On April 20, 2007, the inaugural issue of C Magazine, a lifestyles publication, was released. Beginning with the 2007 Fall Semester, C Magazine will be published twice a year.

Nina Quinn-Linton is the Editor in Chief.


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