Cardinal Lake

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Cardinal Lake
Location Municipal District of Peace No. 135 / County of Northern Lights, northwest Alberta
Coordinates 56°14′08″N 117°43′32″W / 56.23556°N 117.72556°W / 56.23556; -117.72556Coordinates: 56°14′08″N 117°43′32″W / 56.23556°N 117.72556°W / 56.23556; -117.72556
Primary outflows Whitemud River
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 50 km2 (19 sq mi)

Cardinal Lake is a lake in northwestern Alberta, Canada. It is located at the southern limit of Mackenzie Highway, near Grimshaw.

Cardinal Lake has a total area of 50 km². Its waters are drained through the Whitemud River into the Peace River.

Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park is located on the south eastern shore of the lake. The town of Grimshaw is located south from the lake. The communities of Berwyn, Warrensville and Last Lake are also located around Cardinal Lake.