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Alberta electoral district
CardstonTaberWarner in Alberta.jpg
2010 boundaries
Provincial electoral district
LegislatureLegislative Assembly of Alberta
Grant Hunter
United Conservative
District created1996
First contested1997
Last contested2015

Cardston-Taber-Warner is a provincial electoral district in Alberta, Canada. The district is mandated to return a single member to the for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

The district was created in the 1996 boundary redistribution when Cardston-Chief Mountain and Taber-Warner were merged. The district comprises most of southern southwest Alberta on the United States-Canada border. It is mostly rural and contains a wide range of topography from Mountains to farmlands, including Waterton Lakes National Park and the Blood Reserve. Cardston-Taber-Warner and its antecedents have a long history that dates back to the old Cardston riding in the Northwest Territories.

The district has been held by right of center parties since it was created in 1997, and has held the distinction of being one rural riding not continuously held by the Progressive Conservatives in Alberta before many were lost in the 2012 Alberta general election. The Progressive Conservatives elected Ron Hirath and then Broyce Jacobs and the Alberta Alliance captured the district in 2004 holding it for a term before Broyce Jacobs won it back in 2008. The Wildrose Party won the district when Gary Bikman won it in the 2012 Alberta general election, and regained the seat in the 2015 Alberta general election, months after Bikman crossed to the PC Party.


The electoral district was created in the 1996 boundary redistribution from the old ridings of Cardston-Chief Mountain and Taber-Warner. The 2010 boundary redistribution saw only one minor change made to the riding when the Blood Reserve was transferred to the district from Livingstone-Macleod.[1]

Boundary history[edit]

Electoral history[edit]

Members of the Legislative Assembly for Cardston-Taber-Warner[3]
Assembly Years Member Party
See Cardston-Chief Mountain 1993-1997
and Taber-Warner 1963-1997
24th 1997–2001 Ron Hierath Progressive Conservative
25th 2001–2004 Broyce Jacobs
26th 2004–2008 Paul Hinman Alberta Alliance
2008 Wildrose Alliance
27th 2008–2012 Broyce Jacobs Progressive Conservative
28th 2012–2014 Gary Bikman Wildrose
2014–2015 Progressive Conservative
29th 2015–2017 Grant Hunter Wildrose
2017-2019 United Conservative
See Cardston-Siksika and Taber-Warner 2019-

Cardston-Taber-Warner was contested six times in general elections, each time changing its MLA. The first election held in 1997 saw Taber-Warner incumbent Ron Hierath run for his second term in office in the district. He ran against three other candidates taking 60% of the vote to pick up the new district for the Progressive Conservatives.

Hierath retired at dissolution in 2001. He was replaced by Progressive Conservative candidate Broyce Jacobs who the district easily over Alberta First Party leader John Reil who made a strong second place showing in the field of four candidates.

Jacobs stood for a second term in office in the 2004 general election but was defeated in a hotly contested race by Alberta Alliance candidate Paul Hinman. The Senate nominee election district results also favored the Alberta Alliance well with the three Alliance candidates finishing in the top four spots.

Hinman became leader of the Alberta Alliance in 2005. He would lead his party to a merger with the unregistered Wildrose Party headed by party President Link Byfield on January 19, 2008. However Hinman would be defeated by Jacobs in the 2008 election held just weeks after his party merger.

Jacobs would be forced into retirement in the run up to the 2012 election after he lost his party nomination meeting to Pat Shimbashi. The general election saw the Wildrose party reclaim the district with candidate Gary Bikman defeating Shimbashi by a wide margin to earn his first term in office. Bikman subsequently crossed the floor to the PCs in 2014.

Wildrose re-gained the riding in 2015, with Grant Hunter becoming its last MLA. He also crossed the floor, joining the United Conservative Party when the PCs and Wildrose decided to merge in 2017.

Legislature results[edit]

1997 general election[edit]

1997 Alberta general election results[4] Turnout 49.22% Swing
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Party Personal
Progressive Conservative Ron Hierath 5,157 59.18%
Social Credit Ken Rose 1,568 17.99%
  Liberal James Jackson 1,471 16.88% *
New Democratic Suzanne Sirias 518 5.95%
Total 8,714 100%
Rejected, Spoiled and Declined 18
17,741 Eligible Electors

2001 general election[edit]

2001 Alberta general election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Progressive Conservative Broyce Jacobs 5,256 53.63% −5.55%
Alberta First John Reil 2,557 26.09%
Liberal Ron Hancock 1,747 17.83% 0.95%
New Democratic Suzanne Sirias 240 2.45% −3.50%
Total 9,800
Rejected, spoiled and declined 21
Eligible electors / Turnout 18,470 53.17%
Progressive Conservative hold Swing −15.82%
Source: "Cardston-Taber-Warner Official Results 2001 Alberta general election" (PDF). Elections Alberta. Retrieved March 9, 2010.

2004 general election[edit]

2004 Alberta general election results[5] Turnout 46.76% Swing
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Party Personal
Alberta Alliance Paul Hinman 3,885 43.98%
Progressive Conservative Broyce Jacobs 3,756 42.52% -11.11%
Liberal Paula Shimp 783 8.86% -8.97%
Green Lindsay Ferguson 225 2.55% *
New Democratic Luann Bannister 185 2.09% -0.36%
Total 8,834 100%
Rejected Ballots 64
19,030 Eligible Electors
Alberta Alliance gain from Progressive Conservative Swing 27.55%

2008 general election[edit]

2008 Alberta general election results[6] Turnout 43.16% Swing
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Party Personal
Progressive Conservative Broyce Jacobs 4,374 46.02% 3.50%
Wildrose Alliance Paul Hinman 4,325 45.50% 1.52%
Liberal Ron Hancock 436 4.59% -4.27%
New Democratic Suzanne Sirias 190 2.00% -0.09%
Green William Turner 180 1.89% -0.66% *
Total 9,505 100%
Rejected Ballots 27
22,084 Eligible Electors
Progressive Conservative gain from Wildrose Alliance Swing 2.51%

2012 general election[edit]

2012 Alberta general election
Party Candidate Votes %
Wildrose Gary Bikman 6,111 54.54%
Progressive Conservative Pat Shimbashi 4,270 38.11%
New Democratic Aaron Haugen 482 4.30%
Liberal Helen McMenamin 341 3.04%

2015 general election[edit]

2015 Alberta general election
Party Candidate Votes %
Wildrose Grant Hunter 5,126 41.8%
Progressive Conservative Brian Brewin 4,352 35.5%
New Democratic Aaron Haugen 2,407 19.6%
Alberta Party Delbert Bodnarek 377 3.1%

Senate nominee results[edit]

2004 Senate nominee election district results[edit]

2004 Senate nominee election results: Cardston-Taber-Warner[7] Turnout 46.43%
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Votes % Ballots Rank
Alberta Alliance Vance Gough 3,672 15.58% 46.75% 8
Progressive Conservative Bert Brown 3,076 13.05% 39.16% 1
Alberta Alliance Michael Roth 2,961 12.56% 37.70% 7
Alberta Alliance Gary Horan 2,775 11.77% 35.33% 10
Progressive Conservative Betty Unger 2,407 10.21% 30.64% 2
  Independent Link Byfield 2,263 9.60% 28.81% 4
Progressive Conservative Cliff Breitkreuz 1,732 7.35% 22.05% 3
Progressive Conservative David Usherwood 1,649 7.00% 20.99% 6
Progressive Conservative Jim Silye 1,639 6.95% 20.87% 5
  Independent Tom Sindlinger 1,395 5.93% 17.76% 9
Total Votes 23,569 100%
Total Ballots 7,855 3.00 Votes Per Ballot
Rejected, Spoiled and Declined 980

Voters had the option of selecting 4 Candidates on the Ballot

2012 Senate nominee election district results[edit]

Student Vote[edit]

2004 election[edit]

Participating Schools[8]
Glenwood School
Magrath Junior Senior High School
Raymond Jr. High School
St. Marys School
Taber Christian School
Tween Valley Christian School
W.R. Myers High School

On November 19, 2004 a Student Vote was conducted at participating Alberta schools to parallel the 2004 Alberta general election results. The vote was designed to educate students and simulate the electoral process for persons who have not yet reached the legal majority. The vote was conducted in 80 of the 83 provincial electoral districts with students voting for actual election candidates. Schools with a large student body that reside in another electoral district had the option to vote for candidates outside of the electoral district then where they were physically located.

2004 Alberta Student Vote results[9]
Affiliation Candidate Votes %
Alberta Alliance Paul Hinman 382 38.90%
Progressive Conservative Broyce Jacobs 367 37.37%
Green Lindsay Ferguson 103 10.49%
  NDP Luann Bannister 73 7.43%
  Liberal Paula Shimp 57 5.81%
Total 982 100%
Rejected, Spoiled and Declined 46

2012 election[edit]

2012 Alberta Student Vote results
Affiliation Candidate Votes %
Progressive Conservative Pat Shimbashi 4270 %
Wildrose Gary Bikman 6111 %
  Liberal Helen McNenamin 341 %
  NDP Aaron Haugen 482 %
Social Credit %
Total ' 100%


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