Careel Bay

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Careel Bay
Careel Bay

Careel Bay is a bay and adjacent locality in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The locality is within the suburb of Avalon Beach. The bay lies adjacent to the suburbs of Avalon Beach and Palm Beach in the north west of Pittwater.


The bay has the largest stand of mangroves and sea grass beds in Pittwater. The Bay is also a fish nursery important to Pittwater and nearby coastal waters.

116 species of birds have been recorded as having been seen in Careel Bay. Some of these birds, from East-Asia, use Careel Bay as a stop off area. The Federal Government and Australian people are committed to a number of agreements to protect these birds and their habitat, including the China-Australia Migratory Bird Agreement and the Japan-Australia Migratory Bird Agreement agreements. [1]


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Coordinates: 33°37′24″S 151°19′38″E / 33.62320°S 151.32734°E / -33.62320; 151.32734