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A career woman is a woman whose main priority in life is achieving success in her career or profession.[1] It may specifically refer to a higher interest in career than in marriage and having children.[2] It can thereby be used in contrast to housewife, or following the "mommy track". Rather, career women may form relations with "Dual Income, No Kids".

There have been negative depictions of career women and the choices they make.[3]

Occupational sexism[edit]

Further information: Occupational sexism

Career women, as distinguished from career men, may face gender inequality in the workplace, as well as occupational sexism. This may take the form of a gender pay gap, or like a "glass ceiling" that prevents them from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder.


Main article: Kyariaūman

Kyariaūman (キャリアウーマン?) is the Japanese term for a woman, married or not, who pursues a career to make a living and for personal advancement, rather than being a housewife without occupation outside the home. The term came into use when women were expected to marry and become housewives after a short period working as an "office lady".


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