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A career woman is known as a woman whose main priority in life is achieving success in her career and profession.[1] These women can also be described as more interested in her career than in being married and having children.[2]

Women are seen[by whom?] as the caregivers for a family, and the men are seen as the ones that bring the bread to the table. Back in the old days, the "ideal" woman was seen as a trophy wife[disputed ]. A woman who was just a stay-at home-wife did the house chores and made sure to please the husband once he arrived from his long day of work[disputed ]. However, the "ideal" woman is changing throughout time. In today's society men view women with careers to be something great. From a study done by American Journal of Sociology, a majority of the men in today's era are looking for a woman who can economically pull her own weight in the relationships.[3][disputed ]

In the media, the glass ceiling is nothing else other than a joke to entertain those who believe that a woman place in society should be at home, being a housewife. Yet the portrayal of the glass ceiling in media brings media bias against women, manifested through multiple was through television.[neutrality is disputed][4] Throughout the findings of the research of the media films tend to portray women in a negative view to make them feel less than their male counterparts. The findings showed that film portrayals of career women are negative and stereotype-threatening characteristics, which included mean and conniving personalities, promiscuity, isolation, failures at intimacy and inability to balance work and family.[neutrality is disputed][4]

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