Carel Borchaert Voet

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Carel Borchaert Voet (Nicolaas Verkolje)

Carel Borchaert Voet (1671, Zwolle – 1743, Dordrecht), was an 18th-century flower and insect painter from the Northern Netherlands.


Flowers on a stone ledge

According to the RKD he became a member of the Confrerie Pictura in the years 1692-1699. He travelled to England in the service of Hans Willem Bentinck, count of Portland.[1] He contributed to his Codex Bentingiana, a catalog of the flowers and insects in his garden called Bentingiana, that was later used as a source for Leonard Plukenet's Phytographia in 1692. He moved to Dordrecht in 1702 where he stayed.[1]