Careless (novel)

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Author Deborah Robertson
Country Australia
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Vintage Books, Australia
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 293 pp
ISBN 978-0-330-42235-2
OCLC 224695918

Careless is a 2006 novel by Australian author Deborah Robertson.[1]


"For my brothers, Scott and Tony."

Plot summary[edit]

The novel follows the lives of four protagonists - Pearl, Anna, Sonia and Adam - who have all been touched by grief and despair. Suffering alone they are all drawn together by a tragic event.


References may be found on the individual award pages.


Rachel Slater in Australian Women's Book Review noted: "Death and grief are central to this novel, and in particular the concept of public versus private grief and the questions around how art can deal with a subject of such magnitude...Careless offers an intimate yet shared portrayal of grief in all its complexities and reminds us that our promises of care can never really be kept."[3]


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