Carey Island (Nunavut)

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Carey Island
Carey Island is located in Canada
Carey Island
Carey Island
Carey Island (Nunavut)
Location James Bay
Coordinates 52°19′N 79°02′W / 52.32°N 79.03°W / 52.32; -79.03 (Carey Island)Coordinates: 52°19′N 79°02′W / 52.32°N 79.03°W / 52.32; -79.03 (Carey Island)
Archipelago Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Nunavut Nunavut
Region Qikiqtaaluk
Population Uninhabited
Ethnic groups Cree

Carey Island (variant: Cary Island) is one of several uninhabited Canadian arctic islands located within the midsection of James Bay in Nunavut, Canada. It is situated south of Vieux-Comptoir (Old Factory).

Boatswain Bay Migratory Bird Sanctuary is nearby.[1]


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