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CargoNet AS
Area served
RevenueNOK 1.5 billion (2007)
OwnerNorges Statsbaner (100%)
Number of employees
728 (2007)
A CargoNet El 14 locomotive hauling a freight train

CargoNet AS is the primary operator of freight trains on the Norwegian railway system. It was formed as NSB Gods after NSB fissioned into a passenger and a freight company. NSB Gods changed its name to CargoNet at the beginning of 2002. It was originally owned by NSB (55% share hold) and the Swedish freight company Green Cargo; however Green Cargo sold their share to NSB in 2010, making the latter the sole owner. The Norwegian CargoNet AS has a subsidiary company in Sweden called CargoNet AB which was purchased as RailCombi AB.

Twenty-three terminals are served by CargoNet, predominantly in Norway and Sweden; operations provide both container and bulk-cargo trains.


Locomotives of type El 14, CD 66, and some of the El 16s have a dark gray livery with a checkered yellow and black stripe somewhere. This is a partly "refreshment" of the gray NSB-Gods livery. The Di 8 and some shunters tend to use the older yellow livery with a red driver's cab (about half of the Di 8 has got new livery in silver with yellow stripe and yellow checkered "arrow" on the side). The rest of the locomotives (El 16, CE 119 and CD 312) got new livery in silver, with yellow stripe along the side, and a checkered yellow "arrow".

Image Model Number Power Top speed Note
NSB El. 14 2188.JPG El 14 25 Electric 100 km/h
CargoNet El 16 at Dombås at night.jpg El 16 15 Electric 140 km/h
CargoNet Di 8.706.jpg Di 8 10 Diesel-electric 120 km/h
Di 66.405 Trondheim 06.08.05.jpg CD 66 6 Diesel-electric 120 km/h leased. To be replaced with CD 312 during 2010.
CE 119 10 Electric leased, of type Bombardier TRAXX
CargoNet Di 12 Euro 4000 Lønsdal - Bolna.jpg CD 312 6 Diesel-electric leased, of type Vossloh Euro 4000
CN Skd 226 10-Trondheim.JPG Skd226 12 Diesel Shunter
Skd224 5 Diesel Shunter
Skd220c 3 Diesel Shunter
Skd225 1 Diesel Shunter

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