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Casiano Communications
Industry Publishing and marketing
Founded San Juan (1973)
Headquarters San Juan, Puerto Rico
Key people
Manuel A. Casiano, Chief of the Board and Editor-in-chief
Products Magazines, periodicals, marketing, telemarketing and Contact Center, Websites, advertising

Casiano Communications Inc. began in 1973… publishing a modest business and financial newsletter on Puerto Rico. Recognizing the unfilled niche that area business publications would fill in the future, that newsletter became CARIBBEAN BUSINESS newspaper: one of the first, and for more than 40 years, one of the most successful, business and financial newspapers not only in the Caribbean, but in the entire United States. For forty-three years, it had been the recognized Business Authority in Puerto Rico and the region. It was published weekly in English, and its in-depth news and analysis was read by the White House, the U.S. Congress, Wall Street, by Puerto Rico bond investors, the parent companies and suppliers of companies in Puerto Rico and many others. Daily business news was provided on its website,, where it attracted more than 153,000 unique visitors a month. These visitors “hit” our site more than 27 million times a month and the average visit is an astounding 25+ minutes per visit. In the late 1980s, CARIBBEAN BUSINESS launched its equally successful annual “CB Book of Lists” that ranks the leading companies in Puerto Rico, industry-by-industry and provides complete information on 129 local industries and more than 1,500 companies. It also presents a list of the “400 Largest Locally-Owned Companies” and a comprehensive guide to doing business in P.R., with all the Island’s business laws, government incentives, complete data on all Federal and Commonwealth Government agencies as well as information on each municipality and a History of Puerto Rico. Once again looking into the future, CCI identified another unfilled niche in our market: locally-produced quality magazines, where the Island’s people could see and read about themselves and their celebrities.

While various magazines had been launched in Puerto Rico, none were truly successful because they couldn’t compete with the quality of the magazines in Spanish that were being imported from South America, even though those imported magazines did not include local coverage. But Casiano identified the area where these imported magazines were vulnerable: they did not reflect Puerto Rico’s people, happenings, problems or needs. So Casiano Communications Inc. (CCI) began launching a new series of magazines that today number 10 in all… covering women’s and family lifestyles, health, a wedding guide, a mothers guide, a decoration guide, a “Boomers” magazine for those 50+, a Quinceañera teen girl magazine and the ¡Qué Pasa! tourism guide… in addition to our flagship CARIBBEAN BUSINESS and its “Book of Lists.” Eleven publications in all… each number one in sales and circulation in its category in Puerto Rico. The imported magazines? They recently ceased publication of their local magazines, after years of trying to compete with CCI’s products.

An estimated 70% of Puerto Rico’s adults read one or more Casiano Communications publications each month.

In 2000, the company unveiled a new search engine and web portal dedicated exclusively for Puerto Rico. The website, called "Puerto Rico WOW!", also has a business directory and links to view digital versions of articles published in its printed magazines. The website currently receives an average of 19 million hits a month and 191,000 pages viewed daily, as per WebTrends.[1] In 2008, Puerto Rico WOW! was converted into, which went on to surpass WOW! in terms of traffic and ad revenue. Another website,, was also launched in 2008 as a complement to its namesake weekly celebrity gossip magazine, TVaquí, no longer published.

Magazines and periodicals[edit]

Currently, Casiano Communications publishes the following magazines, periodicals and websites:

Name Type Themes Estimated Circulation
Agenda De Decoración (Decorating Guide) semi-annual magazine, Spanish-language home decorations 40,000 (semi-annually)[2]
Agenda Para La Novia (The Bride's Guide) annual magazine, Spanish-language wedding planning 40,000 (annually)[3]
Agenda Para Mama (Mother's Guide) annual magazine, Spanish-language pregnancy and child care 40,000 (annually)[4]
Agenda Para La Quinceañera ('Sweet 15' Teen Guide) magazine, Spanish-language Quinceañera and teen party 20,000 (annually)[5]
Buenavida (Good Life) monthly magazine, Spanish-language quality-of-life, prevention and healthy lifestyle 63,000 monthly)[6]
Caribbean Business weekly newspaper, English-language business issues in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the United States 45,000 (weekly)[7] website [8]
Caribbean Business Book of Lists annual guide, English-language ranks the 1,600 largest companies in Puerto Rico, categorized by industry segment (e.g. banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, etc.) 35,000 (annually)[9]
Caribbean Business to Business Directory (online at [10]) directory of private, public, governmental, and non-profit companies and organizations in Puerto Rico
Imagén (Image) monthly magazine, Spanish-language women's and family lifestyle 80,000 (monthly)[11]
Que Pasa – P. R. Travel & Tourism bi-monthly magazine, English- and Spanish-languages travel and tourism; official magazine of Puerto Rico Tourism Company 127,000 (bi-monthly)[12]
TVaqui (TV Here) weekly digest-sized glossy magazine, Spanish-language celebrity news and gossip, VidaActual Aqui section, health, puzzles 200,000 (weekly)[13] website:[14]

After losing several key Direct ResponSource contact center accounts, and Puerto Rico's ongoing depression, Casiano Communications and Direct ResponSource Inc. went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2014. In August 2015 the Puerto Rican courts approved the acquisition of Casiano Communications by Latin Media House LLC which took over all publications in December 2015. Latin Media House, based in Puerto Rico, has stated that the focus for its lead publication, Caribbean Business, will be a digital edition featuring pages dedicated to news from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and other Caribbean areas. There will also be an effort to direct this publication to the readership of many Puerto Ricans living on the U.S. mainland. The founder and editor-in-chief of defunct Casiano Communication, Manuel Casiano, was contracted to serve in an advisory capacity to the new ownership group through November, 2016. New owner Ferrer Faass & Co LLC (FFCO) is headed by President Miguel A. Ferrer, ex-chairman of UBS Financial Services of Puerto Rico and Heiko Faass, ex-CEO at Charlotte Square Capital Ventures. Ferrer left UBS in July 2014 as an FBI investigation began into illegal practices at UBS relating to sales of UBS closed-end proprietary bond funds.


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