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Caribbean Carnival is the term used for a number of events that take place in many of the Caribbean islands annually.

The Caribbean's carnivals all have several common themes, many originating from Trinidad and Tobago Carnival[citation needed], based on folklore, culture, religion,and tradition (thus relating to the European use of the word, not amusement rides, as the word "carnival" is often used to mean in American English). Carnival tradition is based on a number of disciplines including: "Playing Mas"/masquerade; calypso music and crowning a Calypso King or Monarch; Panorama (steel band competition); J'ouvert morning; and a number of other traditions.

Local Caribbean carnivals[edit]

Approximate dates are given for the concluding festivities. Carnival season may last for over a month prior to the concluding festivities, and the exact dates vary from year to year.

International Caribbean carnivals[edit]


Carifest Parade in Calgary
  • "Caribe-Expo" – In the city of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada.
  • "Carifiesta" – In the city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada, typically 2–3 weeks before Toronto's Caribana.
  • "Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto" – In Toronto, Ontario, it draws close to a million visitors to the city. Formerly "Caribana", it is known as the best Caribbean carnival outside of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • "Carnival"(cancelled)  – In the city of Hamilton, 1 week after Toronto's Caribana.
  • "Carifest" – In the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.
  • "Cariwest" – Held annually the second week of August in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Cariwest boasts an amazing display of masqueraders in the main parade, and is a beautiful festival full of food and entertainment in the heart of downtown.
  • Barrie's Caribfest[41] (parade has been cancelled since 2011) is Canada’s second largest Caribbean festival. It is held on the shores of Lake Simcoe in the beautiful city of Barrie. However, the activities extend throughout downtown Barrie as the costume bands wind through downtown streets, along Lakeshore Drive to Centennial Park, the location of the main stage. This dynamic, exciting event features some of the best Canadian and international Caribbean performers in music, dance, costumes, and world drumming.

A unique attraction distinguishing this Caribbean event is its location. This dynamic, exciting event features some of the best Canadian and international Caribbean performers in music, dance, costumes, and world drumming. Events are held from Friday to Sunday throughout every third weekend of August. The Grand Parade in Toronto is held on the first Saturday of August to commemorate the abolition of the slave trade on August 1st, 1838.


2014 Tropical Carnival of Paris
  • Carnaval Antillais de Colombes – every year late June.
  • Carnaval Tropical de Paris – every year early July.
  • Carnaval of French West Indies, about two months between the Sunday of Epiphany and Ash Wednesday[42]


  • Berlin – Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures),[43] every year in May (Whitsuntide weekend)

The Netherlands[edit]

  • Rotterdam – "Summer Carnival" Zomercarnaval: occurs every year in July. Each year there are more than 800.000 visitors.[44]

United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

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