Caribbean Democrat Union

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The Caribbean Democrat Union is an alliance of moderate and centre-right political parties in the Caribbean. It is affiliated to the global International Democrat Union.

Member parties[edit]

Country Party Abbr Color Upper house legislative seats Lower house legislative seats Status
 Anguilla Hon. Palmavon Webster N/A N/A Unicameral legislature only
1 / 7
Opposition Leader
 Belize United Democratic Party UDP Red
6 / 12
18 / 31
In government
 Dominica Dominica Freedom Party DFP Green Unicameral legislature only
0 / 21
Extra-parliamentary opposition
 Grenada New National Party NNP Green
7 / 13
15 / 15
In government
 Jamaica Jamaica Labour Party JLP Green
13 / 21
33 / 63
In government
 Saint Kitts and Nevis People's Action Movement PAM Gold Unicameral legislature only
4 / 11
In government coalition
 Saint Lucia United Workers Party UWP Yellow Unicameral legislature only
11 / 17
In government
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines New Democratic Party NDP Yellow Unicameral legislature only
7 / 15
In opposition
 Turks and Caicos Islands People's Democratic Movement PDM Blue Unicameral legislature only
10 / 15
In government

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