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For persons with this and similar names, see Carl (disambiguation), Karl (disambiguation), and Charles.
Pronunciation Carl
Gender Male
Word/name Old Norse
Other names
Related names many, see text

Carl is a popular variant of the name Charles. The name originates from the Anglo-Saxon language, and is still one of the most popular names in Germany and Sweden. The name has status as a Royal name in Sweden and the first name of the current Sweden's King.

List of people named Carl[edit]


(most other Swedish and Norwegian royalty so named - see Carl of Sweden! - are listed on English Wikipedia as Charles)

Carl as a family name[edit]

  • Christian Thomsen Carl (1676-1713), Danish navy officer. Middle name also given as Thomasen, Thomesen, Thomasen, or Thomesen.

Carl as a given name[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

Derived surnames[edit]

The are several derivations of the surname Carl, most of them originating as "son of Carl":

Derived placenames[edit]

Many of these are in reference to Charlemagne. Carolina is named for Charles II of England.

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