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Carl Abel (25 November 1837 – 26 November 1906) was a German comparative philologist from Berlin who wrote Linguistic Essays in 1880. Abel also acted as Ilchester lecturer on comparative lexicography at the University of Oxford and as the Berlin correspondent of the Times and the Standard.[1][2] His 400-page dictionary of Egyptian-Semitic-Indo-European roots appeared in 1886. His essay "On the antithetical meanings of primal words" (Ueber den Gegensinn der Urworte) was discussed by Sigmund Freud in an identically titled piece, which, in turn, was discussed by Jacques Derrida as a precursor to deconstruction's semantic insights.[3] He also translated some of Shakespeare's works into German.[4]

He was a son of a successful banker Gerson Abel. Of Jewish descent, he converted to Christianity.[4]

Abel died in Wiesbaden. His son Curt Abel-Musgrave (1860-1938) was a writer and translator. His grandson was noted economist Richard Musgrave.[4]


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