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Carl Blumenreuter (16 November 1881 in Berlin – 11 July 1969 in Neustadt in Holstein) was a German chemist and politician.

He served as a SS-Gruppenführer and SS-Chefapotkeker (Chief Pharmacist) for the Nazi Party (NSDAP).[1][2]

Blumenreuter studied the Nahrungsmittelchemie. He received special training in World War I for gas warfare at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for physical chemistry and electrochemistry in Berlin. in 1935 he joined the paramilitary combat organization of the Nazi party, SA, and 1937 of the Nazi party.

In 1936, he was in the Sanitätsabteilung of the SS death's head associations and built up the Sanitätsversorgung. in 1937, he was head of the chemical pharmacological service of the SS Sanitätsamtes. Most recently, he was promoted to SS-Gruppenführer. In August 1943, the Department was placed under the Reich physician SS and he received the title of Sanitätszeugmeister. This agency supplied the concentration camps with poisons. After the second world war he was interned; He was released but already in 1946 from the Neuengamme camp again. He then lived in Grömitz in Holstein and afterwards led a hospital pharmacy.


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