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Carl Colpaert
Born 1963 (age 53–54)
Occupation Film director, producer, writer

Carl Colpaert is an American film director, producer, screenwriter and the founder of Cineville, a production and distribution company based in Los Angeles.[1]


Carl-Jan Colpaert was born in Belgium[citation needed] and graduated from the American Film Institute in 1984. He started his professional career in the post production department of Roger Corman. He founded Cineville with Christoph Henkel in 1990.

Several actors got their break on Cineville productions such as Salma Hayek in Mi Vida Loca, Kevin Spacey in Swimming with Sharks, Viggo Mortensen in The Crew and Renée Zellweger in The Whole Wide World.

Cineville productions have participated in festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Berlin, Toronto and Venice.

Sean Penn won best actor at the Venice International Film Festival for his performance in the Carl Colpaert-produced Hurly Burly.

Carl Colpaert won the grand jury prize for his film GI Jesus in CineVegas 2006.

His next film Black Limousine had its World Premiere at the 2010 Montreal World Film Festival, The film won the audience award at the 2011 Santa Cruz Film Festival. The film was acquired by Anchor Bay Films and was released in the US on July 12, 2012.



  • Gas, Food, Lodging (1992) – Columbia Tristar – Executive producer (as Carl-Jan Colpaert)

Official competition, Berlin, Sundance, Deauville

  • Mi Vida Loca (1993) – Sony Classics – Producer (AKA My Crazy Life)

Official competition, Cannes-Quinzaine, Sundance

  • Swimming with Sharks (1994) – Lionsgate – Executive producer: Cineville, Uncredited (AKA The Boss, AKA The Buddy Factor)

Official competition, Telluride

  • Cafe Society (1995) Executive producer – Cineville – (as Carl-Jan Colpaert)

Official competition, Cannes Quinzaine

Official competition, Sundance

  • Casualties (1997) – Executive producer (as Carl-Jan Colpaert)
  • Nevada (1997) – Sony – Executive producer (as Carl-Jan Colpaert)
  • The Velocity of Gary (1998) – Sony – Executive producer (as Carl Jan Colpaert)
  • Hurlyburly (1998) – New Line – Executive producer

Official competition, Venice (won best actor, Sean Penn)

  • Operation Splitsville (1999) – Sony – Executive producer (as Carl Jan Colpaert)
  • Cement (1999) – Sony – Executive producer (as Carl-Jan Colpaert)
  • One Eyed King (2001) – Sony -Executive producer
  • Glam (2001) – Sony – Producer, Uncredited
  • Where Eskimos Live (2002) – Co-producer: Cineville (AKA Tam, gdzie zyja Eskimosi (Poland))

Official competition, Sundance

Official competition, Seatlle, Palm Springs

  • Steal Me (2005) -Cineville – Executive producer

Official competition, Sundance


Official competition, Seattle, Gent, Palm Springs, Stockholm

Official competition, São Paulo, Seattle

Official competition, Palm Springs

Official competition, CineVegas (Grand Jury Award)

Official competition, Montreal, Mumbai, São Paulo, Santa Cruz (Grand Jury Award)


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