Carl Ewald

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Carl Ewald
Carl Ewald by Frederik Riise.jpg
Photograph by Frederik Riise

Carl Ewald (1856, Schleswig - 1908) was a Danish novelist.


He was educated at the University of Copenhagen, to which city his family had moved after Schleswig fell to the Germans in 1864. After spending some years as a forester, he turned to literature in 1887, at first issuing school texts and translations.


  • Singleton's Udenlandsrejse (1894)
  • Glaede over Danmark (1898)
  • Sulasmiths Have (1898)
  • Der Kinderkruezzug (“The Children's Crusade,” 1896)
  • Mein Kleiner Junge (“My little boy,” 1899)
  • Crumlin (1900)

Several of his works have been translated into English.



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