Carl F. Prutton

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Dr. Carl Frederick Prutton (July 30, 1898 – July 15, 1970) was an American chemist, chemical engineer, inventor, industrial executive, philanthropist and educator. [1] [2] Prutton held more than a hundred patents on lubricants and chemical processes known in the chemical industry as "the Prutton patents". [3] Prutton was the head of the department of chemistry and chemical engineering at the Case Institute of Technology,[1] a director of research and a vice president at Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation,[1] an executive vice president of the Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation,[4] and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.[2] He received several notable awards and distinctions including the Perkin Medal of the Society of Chemical Industry,[1] the Modern Pioneer Award of the National Association of Manufacturers,[1] an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Manhattan College.[4]