Carl Friedrich Wilhelm, 1st Prince of Leiningen

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Carl Friedrich Wilhelm
Prince of Leiningen
Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Fürst zu Leiningen.jpg
Born (1724-08-14)14 August 1724
Died 9 January 1807(1807-01-09) (aged 82)
Spouse Christiane Wilhelmine Luise of Solms-Rödelheim and Assenheim
House Cadet branch of House of Leiningen
Father Friedrich Magnus, Count of Leiningen-Dagsburg-Hartenburg
Mother Countess Anna Christine Eleonore von Wurmbrand-Stuppach

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm, Prince of Leiningen (German: Fürst zu Leiningen) (14 August 1724 – 9 January 1807) was a German nobleman. (See Fürst for the difference between it and the other princely title, Prinz.)

He was the eldest son of Friedrich Magnus, Count of Leiningen-Dagsburg-Hartenburg and his wife Countess Anna Christine Eleonore von Wurmbrand-Stuppach, and succeeded his father on the latter's death, 28 October 1756.

On 3 July 1779, he was made a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire[why?], becoming the first Prince of Leiningen.

On 24 June 1749, he married his first cousin Christiane Wilhelmine Luise, daughter of Wilhelm Carl Ludwig, Count of Solms-Rödelheim and Assenheim, by his wife Countess Maria Margareta Leopolda von Wurmbrand-Stuppach. She died on 6 January 1803, having borne him a son and three daughters:

  • Elisabeth Christiane Marianne, born 27 October 1753, married 17 May 1768 to Count Karl Ludwig of Salm, died 16 February 1792.
  • Charlotte Luise Polyxena, born 27 May 1755, married 1 September 1776 to Count Franz of Erbach-Erbach, died 13 January 1785.
  • Karoline Sophie Wilhelmine, born 4 April 1757, married 21 September 1773 Count Friedrich Magnus of Solms-Wildenfels, died 18 March 1832.
  • Emich Carl, born 27 September 1763, succeeded his father as second Prince of Leiningen.
Carl Friedrich Wilhelm, 1st Prince of Leiningen
Born: 14 August 1724 Died: 9 January 1807
Preceded by
New creation
Prince of Leiningen
Succeeded by
Emich Carl

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