Carl Hellmuth Hertz

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For the Stage Magician, see Carl Hertz.

Carl Hellmuth Hertz (German: Carl Helmut Hertz) (15 October 1920 – 29 April 1990) was the son of Gustav Ludwig Hertz and great nephew of Heinrich Hertz.

During the World War II he served as a soldier for Nazi Germany. He was captured by USA troops and brought overseas. However a friend of his father, who was a Nobel Prize laureate, arranged for Hertz to be freed and also found him a job in Lund, Sweden so that he could leave the States while still not having to return to Germany.

There, he would develop medical ultrasonography and serve as the first professor of electrical measurements at Lund University.

His son, professor Hans Hertz, is currently employed at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden involved in biomedical physics, and also appointed to the Swedish Royal Academy of Science.