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Carl Hunter (born 22 April 1965, Liverpool, England) was the English bassist in the Liverpool-based pop group The Farm.

Hunter was part of the second wave of members who joined in 1983, and apart from his musical contributions, he also helped to design their CD jackets and sleeves. Hunter has released a feature film on DVD as a producer and co-writer of the movie, Grow Your Own. He has also directed short films and documentaries for television and film festivals. He currently teaches film production at Ormskirk's Edge Hill University.

A film production company was established by Hunter with friend and co-worker Frank Cottrell Boyce (writer of Millions and 24 Hour Party People) named Northern Soul Productions.[1]

David Jewell (The Hay's Office) also bought his first bass guitar from Hunter whilst at Southport Art College in 1985.[citation needed]