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Carl Julius Evensen (1852 – 1937) was a Norwegian shipmaster and explorer.

He was born in 1851 in Sandefjord in Vestfold, Norway. He was a ship captain and resided in between Oslo and Sandefjord. He explored the Antarctic together with Carl Anton Larsen among others, and in 1893 he reached the Antarctic Peninsula with a barque.[1]

Personal information[edit]

Carl Julius Evensen was married to Severine Marie Jensen in 1879. Carl and Severine had eight children, most of whom emigrated to the United States. Carl's parents were not married and the family did not take on the names of the parents. His mother's name was Anna Margit, Maren Johansen. His father's name has been listed as Even Hansen, Proits or Preuss from Germany. The identity of Carl's parents is still unknown.[2]


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