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Carl Maria von Bocklet (30 November 1801 – 15 July 1881)[1] was a composer, pianist and teacher of music.

Bocklet was born in Prague. He studied with Bedřich Diviš Weber and in 1821 he moved to Vienna, where he "created a great stir...through his interesting free fantasias on the piano forte."[2] In Vienna, Eduard Marxsen was one of his notable students.[3] (See: List of music students by teacher: A to B#Carl Maria von Bocklet.) Ludwig van Beethoven wrote letters of introduction for him,[4] and he became a close friend of Franz Schubert;[5] more than likely, he was influential to Frédéric Chopin.[4]

In 1828 he was, with Ignaz Schuppanzigh and Joseph Linke, the first performer of Schubert's two piano trios (1827).[5]

As Beethoven's letter of reference to Baron Nikolaus Zmeskall (1817?) testifies, von Bocklet was also a capable player of the violin.[6]

Among his own compositions is a variation for Part II of Diabelli's Waltz of the Vaterländischer Künstlerverein.

Carl Maria von Bocklet died in Vienna, aged 79.


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