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Koloman Moser (1907), Portrait of Carl Otto Czeschka

Carl Otto Czeschka (22 October 1878, Vienna — 30 July, 1960, Hamburg) was an Austrian painter and graphic designer associated with the Wiener Werkstätte.


Carl Otto Czeschka was half Bohemian and half Moravian origin. His father Wenzel Czeschka (Vaclav Češka, 1845–1915) was a master carpenter; and his mother Mathilde Hafner (1853–1883), working as a seamstress and embroiderer. Carl Otto Czeschka raised in Vienna under very poor background. He lived in the Zinckgasse 6, Neu-Fünfhaus (de), Fünfhaus (de), Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus.[1]

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  1. ^ or today's Neumayrgasse, Ottakring