Carl Richard Unger

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Carl Richard Unger
C.R. Unger.jpg
Born (1817-07-02)July 2, 1817
Died (1897-11-30)November 30, 1897

Carl Richard Unger (2 July 1817 – 30 November 1897) was a Norwegian historian and philologist.[1] Unger was professor of Germanic and Romance philology at the University of Christiania from 1862[1] and was a prolific editor of Old Norse texts.[2]

Early life[edit]

Unger was born in Christiania, now Oslo, to Johan Carl Jonassen Unger and Annemarie Wetlesen.[1] Between 1830 and 1832 he lived in Telemark with the poet and priest Simon Olaus Wolff.[1] He graduated from school in 1835.[1]

Academic career[edit]

Unger studied philology after school but did not receive a degree as mathematics, a subject with which he struggled, was compulsory for philologists.[1] However, in 1841 he was awarded a scholarship to continue studying Old Norse, Old English and Old German.[1]

In 1845 Unger began lecturing on Old Norse at the University of Christiana.[1] He was appointed lecturer of Germanic and Romance philology in 1851 and became professor in 1862.[1]

Edited works[edit]


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