Carl Valentin Falsen

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Carl Valentin Falsen

Carl Valentin Falsen (27 May 1787 – 14 April 1852) was a Norwegian civil servant and Member of Parliament.[1]

Carl Falsen was born in Christiania now Oslo, Norway. He was the son of Norwegian Chief Justice Enevold De Falsen and the brother of Christian Magnus Falsen. He was trained in the law and took his examination as a Candidate of Law (cand. Jur.) in 1806.[2]

in 1826, he served as Magistrate in Eiker and in 1839 as Governor in Bratsberg. Falsen are elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 1818 and 1821 as a representative from Trondheim, in 1830-1838 from Buskerud from 1842 and 1845 representing Bratsberg and 1848-1850 as representative from Kristiansand. He served as President of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortingspresidenter) during 1833, 1845 and 1848. [3][4]

Carl Falsen was honored as a Knight in the Order of the Polar Star in 1822. He was made a Commander in the Order of St. Olav in 1847. [5]