Carl von Brühl

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Carl von Brühl
Carl Graf Brühl.jpg
1796 portrait by Anton Graff
Born (1772-05-18)18 May 1772
Pförten, Neumark, Brandenburg-Prussia
Died 9 August 1837(1837-08-09) (aged 65)
Berlin, Prussia

Carl (or Karl) Friedrich Moritz Paul von Brühl (1772–1837) was a friend of Goethe, who, as intendant-general of the Prussian royal theatres, was of some importance in the history of the development of the drama in Germany.


In 1830, Brühl was appointed intendant-general of the royal museums.


Hans Moritz von Brühl, the father of Carl, in a 1796 portrait by Anton Graff

Brühl was the son of Hans Moritz von Brühl (1746–1811) and his wife, Margarethe Schleierweber. Hans Moritz von Brühl was a colonel in the French service who, upon the 1789 revolution there, left the country to become general inspector of roads in Brandenburg and Pomerania. Margarethe Schleierweber von Brühl, renowned for her beauty and intellectual gifts, was the daughter of a French corporal. Carl von Brühl's paternal grandfather was Heinrich von Brühl, a statesman at the court of Saxony and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.