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Carla Connor
Carla Connor.jpg
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Alison King
Duration 2006–16[1]
First appearance Episode 6437
1 December 2006
Created by Steve Frost
Introduced by Steve Frost
Book appearances Coronation Street:
The Complete Saga
Classification Present; regular (departing)
Other names Carla Donovan
Carla Gordon
Carla Barlow
Occupation Businesswoman

Carla Connor (née Donovan, previously Gordon and Barlow) is a fictional character from the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, played by Alison King. She made her first appearance on screen during the episode airing on 1 December 2006. Carla has been referred to as "the new Elsie Tanner". Carla's storylines have included the breakdown of two marriages, being held hostage in her factory by Tony Gordon (Gray O'Brien) and escaping when the building explodes, battling alcoholism, drink driving and running over Stella Price (Michelle Collins), being raped by her fiancé Frank Foster (Andrew Lancel), attempting to commit suicide, becoming a suspect in Frank's murder, her affair and marriage to Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne), learning that Peter has been having an affair with Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan), becoming a suspect in Tina's murder, suffering a miscarriage, surviving a minibus crash, escaping a fire at her flats started by her arch-enemy Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), coping when people blame her for starting the fire, developing a gambling addiction, learning that family friend Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) is actually her biological father and being attacked by thugs at the local restaurant, resulting in a road accident.

King was off-screen from February 2009 until October 2009 due to her maternity leave. In May 2012, King announced she would be temporary departing, her departure scenes aired on 16 July 2012 and her return scenes aired on 10 December 2012[2] On 1 May 2015, it was reported that King would take a sabbatical for "creative reasons" at some point in 2016.[3] On 8 January 2016, it was confirmed that instead of taking a sabbatical, King would be leaving permanently.[4]



Carla lived on a council estate in Manchester, with her alcoholic drug-dealing mother, Sharon and younger brother Rob (Marc Baylis), who was arrested and sentenced to eight years in prison for armed burglary in 2004. She grew up with the Irish Connor family, becoming friends with Liam (Rob James-Collier), Michelle (Kym Marsh) and their cousins Tom Kerrigan (Philip McGinley) and Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward) and later married Michelle and Liam's elder brother Paul (Sean Gallagher).


Carla is furious to discover that husband Paul has spent money saved for her business on buying Underworld. She tells Paul that their marriage is over when she learns that he had been seeing escorts for years. He later dies. In 2015, Carla finds out Paul was in fact her cousin, Carla moves on and starts dating catalogue boss Tony Gordon (Gray O'Brien). Carla and Tony's relationship makes Liam jealous. During an argument, they kiss, confusing them both. Carla tries to stop Liam marrying Maria Sutherland (Samia Ghadie) and ends things with Tony by admitting her feelings for Liam; however, Liam marries Maria so she and Tony reconcile, Tony proposes and Carla accepts. Carla is devastated by Liam's death in a hit and run incident planned by Tony. Needing to get away, Carla postpones the wedding and goes to Los Angeles, returning and she and Tony get married. Tony later confesses to Carla for being responsible for Liam's death and a horrified Carla flees to Los Angeles. Carla comes back when she is contacted by the police after Tony confesses to being responsible for Liam's death. Robbie Sloan (James Fleet), Tony's cellmate, is released from prison and, assisted by Tony, they plan to kill Carla. Tony escapes from prison and he and Robbie hold Carla hostage in the factory. Tony appears and tells Carla that he plans to murder her, as he wants him and Carla to die together, setting the factory on fire but Carla escapes while Tony dies. Needing a break, Carla goes to South Africa for a few weeks.

Carla is raped by business client Frank Foster (Andrew Lancel). Carla phones the police and Frank is arrested. He is released on bail, providing that he does not approach Carla or the factory but he threatens Carla, trying to make her drop the charges but she refuses, so he plans to ruin Underworld. Carla struggles to cope and tries to commit suicide but phones Peter to say goodbye and they realise what she is doing so they call an ambulance and go to the flat where they find paramedics trying to bring her round before taking her to hospital. Carla survives and begins counselling. Frank offers to buy the factory she initially refuses but eventually accepts. Frank, now secure, makes many enemies and when Carla confronts him, admits he raped her and reminds her how easily he overpowered her. The next day, Frank is found dead in the factory with Sally beside him. Several people are suspected of killing Frank, including Carla. Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) finds the whisky bottle that was used to kill Frank and gives it to the police. Carla's fingerprints are on the bottle and she is arrested for murder but is released without charge. The police continue to investigate and Frank's mother, Anne, admits that she killed him. She threatens Carla with a knife before being arrested. Carla learns that Frank left her the factory in his will.

Carla is furious to learn that in her absence, her brother Rob (Marc Baylis) has been altering the accounts for the factory. She sacks him and he sets up on his own - stealing Carla's clients and orders. Realising that she cannot beat Rob's tricks to win over her clients, she reluctantly offers him a share of the factory. However, Carla puts him in charge of packing, frustrating Rob as he wants more responsibility. He gives his new girlfriend, Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), a job in packing and she convinces him to pretend the van is robbed whilst transporting expensive material, which they secretly sell on to another company. What Rob and Tracy are unaware of, however, is that Carla knows what they have done and asks a friend to claim to be interested in buying the material. An agreement is reached and Rob takes the material to the chosen location, only to be greeted by Carla and Peter (Chris Gascoyne) also a former alcoholic (as Carla was) who previously cheated on his wife Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) with Carla. Tracy is sacked and Rob is forced to sell his share to Carla in return for her not turning them in to the police. Peter's bookkeeper's business is struggling. Carla is initially unaware of this until Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) tells her what Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) has told her about him offering risky odds that could potentially bankrupt him. Carla tells Peter to stop but he continues, accepting large bets from Rob, including one that Peter cannot pay when Rob wins. This forces Peter to close his shop and allow Rob and Tracy to set up their own business. Carla then gives Peter a share in the factory and he works in the office with her and Michelle, annoying Michelle so much that she quits.

Carla accompanies Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh) to the hospital for a scan, where she is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Throughout Hayley's illness, she confides in Carla, who becomes protective of her. Carla and Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) find Hayley dead on the bed with Roy's arm around her. The pair support Roy as he grieves for Hayley and soon learn that Hayley committed suicide. Now back together Carla and Peter hire Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) as a baby-sitter for Simon (Alex Bain). Rob discovers that Peter is having an affair with Tina. He confronts Peter who denies it. Tina tries to persuade Peter to leave Weatherfield with her. He agrees, although feels conflicted wanting to remain with Weatherfield with Carla. During an argument with Rob and Tracy in The Rovers, Carla announces that she is pregnant just as Tina arrives to tell Peter that their taxi has arrived. Tina storms out, swiftly followed by Peter. They have an almighty argument, ending in Tina scratching Peter across his face. Peter leaves as Rob visits Tina and attacks her, telling her not to tell Carla about her affair with Peter. Unknown to Rob, Peter tells Carla about his affair with Tina. Elsewhere, Rob is now trying to convince Tina to keep quiet about his and Tracy's illegal dealings with Tony Stewart (Terence Maynard). Tina tries to escape, leading to the balcony of the building yard. A scuffle ensues and as Rob pushes Tina away, she loses her balance and falls from the balcony, plummeting onto the cobbles below. Rob thinks Tina is dead and leaves the flat, before hearing Tina's groans and realises she is alive. He hopes that she has forgotten everything, but she hasn't. When Tina reveals that she will never keep quiet and tell the police that Rob tried to kill her by pushing her off the balcony, Rob picks up a metal pipe and beats Tina with it repeatedly. Meanwhile, Carla is furious about Peter's affair and storms out into a busy pub, shouting that she wants to "kill" Tina. She is restrained by Michelle but eventually leaves the pub. Carla goes to Tina's flat and finds her badly injured at the bottom of the balcony as witnessed by Leanne and Kal Nazir (Jimi Mistry), but soon finds herself prime suspect. She is arrested but later released without charge. At first, it is an assault investigation, but when Tina later dies from her injuries, it turns into a murder investigation. Carla confides in Roy repeatedly and slaps Peter when he tries to talk to her. She later collapses when Rob and Peter are fighting and is cradled by Michelle. She is rushed to hospital but miscarries the baby. Carla struggles to cope with her miscarriage and gets drunk to drown her sorrows. Rob confesses to Tina's murder to Carla, she ultimately chooses to tell the police and Rob is arrested.

Carla and her staff are involved in a minibus crash while on their way to collect a fashion award. When the minibus crashes, Carla becomes wedged in between the driver's seat and the passenger seat. Tracy notices Carla was still inside and climbs into the wreckage in to retrieve her. Carla has a broken leg from the accident and thanks Tracy for saving her. After hearing that Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) is selling her share of "The Rovers", Carla offers to buy her half so that Michelle and Steve would still be able to live and work there. However, nobody is aware that Tony and Tracy are attempting to con Liz, Steve and Michelle out of the pub so that they can buy it. On the day of Steve and Michelle's wedding day, Liz confides in Carla, revealing that Tony has been having an affair with Tracy, and that they were conning her out of The Rovers. So, Carla offers to look after Tracy's daughter and Liz's granddaughter, Amy (Elle Mulvaney) for the night, and confronts Tracy in the pub toilets. Carla gives Tracy some harsh home truths, leading to Tracy trying to slap Carla, however she blocks it and tells Tracy that eventually she will be all alone in the world. Later that night, Tracy steals the keys to Carla's flat at Victoria Court, and lights a candle to see what she is doing. She places the candle under a lampshade, and after spotting Carla asleep on the sofa, she contemplates killing her with a large ornament. After hearing Amy in the toilet, Tracy quickly leaves, unaware that the lampshade has caught fire from the lit candle. When the fire is raging through the flat, Carla collapses from smoke inhalation and desperately tries to call Amy. Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) breaks into the flat, and pulls Carla out of the building. After she gets her breath back, Carla reveals that Amy is still trapped inside, so Leanne and Kal dash back into the burning building to save her. Kal saves Leanne and Amy, before Carla and the other residents watch in horror as the building explodes, killing Kal. Factory worker Maddie Heath (Amy James-Kelly) is also caught up in the explosion, and is also killed. As Carla was asleep when she started the fire, Tracy tells the residents that it was Carla who started the fire, leading to Leanne shouting at her in the street and everybody else hating her. The only people who stand by Carla are Roy Cropper (David Neilson), Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and Michelle.

Carla plays a game of poker and wins a large amount of money. This subsequently leads to Carla developing an addiction to gambling, as it takes her mind off the fire and her guilt. Carla decides to go on holiday in order to "get away". Carla returns a number of weeks later, and it is revealed that she went on holiday to Las Vegas instead of Madrid in order to gamble to feed her addiction. Michelle is furious and after trying to help her, Carla shouts at Michelle and throws her out of her flat. Nick later accompanies Carla to a casino, and is stunned to learn how serious her gambling addiction is. Realizing the extent of her financial troubles, Carla decides to move away and later tries selling the factory to Sally and Kal's daughter Alya (Sair Khan). However, before any contracts are signed, her old friend, Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward), arrives so Carla decides to go into partnership with him, while also starting a relationship with Nick.

The following week, Carla is suspicious as to why Tracy is being kind to her, and when Tracy tells her not to keep blaming herself, Carla orders her to get in her car and they drive away from the street. To Tracy's surprise, Carla takes her to where the minibus crash occurred earlier in the year, and expresses that she wishes Tracy had left her to die in the wreckage. She then flips a coin to decide her fate as she drunkenly stands on the edge of the quarry; heads she stands or tails she falls. It lands on tails, so as Carla prepares to throw herself from the cliff, Tracy screams that she was the culprit who started the fire. Carla refuses to believe her, but when Tracy tells her that she saw a photograph of Rob when she lit the candle, Carla realises that she is telling the truth. In pure anger, Carla grabs Tracy and drags her to the edge of the quarry, saying that she has punished herself for months over the fire, leading to Tracy pushing Carla over. Tracy pleads with Carla not to tell anybody, however Carla is intent on phoning the police and opening an investigation to clear her name, but Tracy says she will deny everything. When Tracy tells Carla that her motive towards the fire was that she was jealous of her and that she still wishes she was dead, Carla drives back to the street and the police arrest Tracy.

Nick then proposes to Carla and she is shocked to learn that Aidan used his father, Johnny Connor's (Richard Hawley) money to buy into the factory, and thus Johnny and Aidan's sister, Kate (Faye Brooks) move to Weatherfield and begin working there. Carla befriends them and they all make a happy team. Rob whilst in prison begins sending Johnny visiting orders, and reveals that Johnny could potentially be Carla's father. He does everything in his power to ensure that nobody finds out, but steals some of Carla's DNA to perform a paternity test behind her back. This reveals that he is Carla's biological father, and decides to break the news to her. Carla is furious and slaps Johnny, however Johnny continues to plead with Carla not to tell Aidan and Kate. Carla heads for a casino where she bumps into Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill), and after gambling with him, Carla has sex with him. She instantly regrets it, and confides in Michelle, who attempts to persuade Carla not to tell Nick. Johnny confronts her and she slaps him, threatening to tell his children the truth unless he moves away, which he doesn't. Upon visiting Rob, where he threatens to tell Aidan and Kate himself about her paternity, Carla reveals that she is their half-sister. Carla is shocked to find that Robert plans to buy a share in the Bistro. Carla begs him to reconsider, but Robert threatens to reveal their affair to Nick if she does not let him buy into the Bistro. Nick then begins making a fuss about their wedding, and entrusts Robert to organise the meals for their reception. Carla finds it increasingly difficult to keep her deceit under wraps. She also begins bonding with Kate and they plan to get Aidan to talk to Johnny about their familial situation. Carla late tells Nick that she cannot marry him, however after he persuades her, she changes her mind.

Upon hearing that Robert is intending on going into business with Nick, Carla goes to the bistro to confront him. As a powercut has forced the restaurant to close early. Carla and Robert engage in a bitter argument, with their one-night stand being mentioned. Unbeknown to the pair, but Tracy, who has recently reconciled with Robert, has overheard their conversation. Robert then leaves, and Carla drowns her sorrows. However, Jamie Bowman (James Atherton), and his friend, Lee, burst into the restaurant and violently attack Carla, pinning her down on the floor and grabbing her hair. Tracy, hearing the commotion, leaves Carla to the mercy of the thugs, feeling envious over Carla's liaison with Robert. After realising that there is no money in the restaurant, Jamie grabs Carla's handbag, causing her to fall over. She rises to her feet abruptly and gives chase. She jumps into the car, leaving the door wide open, wrestling with the thugs for her handbag. As the car drives out of the street, Jamie pushes Carla out of the vehicle, knocking her unconscious.


On 20 September 2006, it was reported that the former Dream Team actress, Alison King, had been cast as Carla Connor. A Coronation Street spokeswoman said of the new addition, "she will make quite an impact. The phrase ‘dosh doesn’t make you posh’ was made for Carla. She’s a WAG on the cobbles, beautiful but tough and ambitious".[5] King had briefly appeared on the Manchester soap in 2004, as a housewife named Mrs. Fanshaw, who slept with Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas).[6]


Underworld siege[edit]

In March 2010, it was reported that Carla's husband Tony Gordon portrayed by Gray O'Brien would escape from prison resulting in Carla being put in grave danger. Robbie Sloan, portrayed by Vicar of Dibley star James Fleet who is Tony's cellmate and has been bribed to aid the escape. According to The Sun newspaper: "Robbie is freed from jail - having been due for release - and meets Carla (Alison King) under the pretence that he is a trader who wants to buy lingerie cheaply. Having arranged a further meeting with Carla on the planned jailbreak day, he returns to visit jail and creates a diversion by sparking a fight with another inmate. As wardens attempt to break up the altercation, Tony feigns a heart attack and is transported to hospital for treatment. However, Robbie is waiting for the ambulance and threatens the guards at gunpoint before securing Tony's escape."[7]

In April 2010, it was revealed that Tony was to hold Carla and Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh) captive at Underworld after escaping from prison. He arrives at the factory with a gun and ties up the terrified pair. Tony eventually lets Hayley go free before setting the building on fire. In subsequent scenes, viewers saw Carla untie herself, grab Tony's gun and fire a shot which wounds him. While Carla manages to escape the burning factory, Tony dies in the blaze. Police later examine his body and assume that the bullet killed him. A Weatherfield insider revealed: "Things look very bleak for Carla as there are no witnesses to back up her story."[8] It was later reported that Carla was to be wrongly charged with murder in the storyline following this Carla is later released.

Alcoholism and relationship with Peter Barlow[edit]

In July 2010, The Sun newspaper reported that an upcoming storyline would see Carla face a drink problem after King was pictured filming a visit to alcoholics anonymous. An insider told the paper: "She sees Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) at the meeting and backs out, pretending she is meant to be in a Spanish class next door."[9]

In July 2011, it was reported that Carla will drunkenly drive her car into the bookies, injuring Stella in the process. This was the result of further rejections from Peter Barlow. A source told The Sun: "Carla's drinking is out of control again, it's a cry for help - and for love". The shows producer, Phil Collinson recently teased a storyline seeing Carla's feelings or Peter to arise once again. Collinson said: "I have to say, it's one of the biggest stories that we've told on Corrie for many years. She's going to have a pretty rough time across the autumn."[10]

In September 2010, it was reported that Carla would fall for Peter Barlow portrayed by Chris Gascoyne. It was reported that pair apparently grow closer as Peter helps Carla overcome her boozing and comes to her aid when she is arrested for drink driving. A source said: "Carla is feeling vulnerable and Peter is there," a source told the paper. "They soon become more than friends. He's stunned when she tells him she hasn't felt like this about anyone since Liam."[11] Carla's best friend Leanne (Jane Danson) who is in a relationship with Peter would tell Carla that she is in love with her ex-husband Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), "This storyline will really put the cat among the pigeons," the source added.

Alison King later told Inside Soap that she wants Carla's friendship with Peter to develop even further as he helps her to battle an alcohol addiction. King said: "I think she should definitely gets her claws into Peter. They've got a nice friendship and some good banter going on. They're equals, and I think it's the first time Carla's felt that way with someone since Liam died. They could be a great coupling - but it would turn into a nightmare if they both fell off the wagon."[12]

Relationship with Frank Foster, rape and Frank's murder[edit]

Carla was involved in a relationship storyline with Frank Foster played by Andrew Lancel (pictured).

In June 2011, it was announced that Carla will reportedly be left "fighting for her life" after being attacked by her boyfriend.[13] The factory owner, played by Alison King, will be subjected to a physical and sexual assault by Frank Foster after he suspects she is cheating on him with Peter Barlow. Carla will consider leaving Frank prior to the attack, but feels she owes him after he invested in her business and takes the blame for a car accident she is responsible for.[13] The plot was a prominent storyline over the summer and aired after the 9pm watershed during a week of special episodes. Tracy Barlow will offer to give Frank a positive character reference in court, while Peter's marriage to Leanne suffers.[13]

On 3 February 2012, Coronation Street confirmed Frank would be killed off as part of a whodunit storyline.[14] The news came shortly after the episode showing Frank being found not guilty of raping Carla was broadcast.[14] A writer for the official Coronation Street website said "Now events will take an even more dramatic turn as tensions rise and vengeance will be on the minds of several characters, climaxing in Frank's death! And with so many residents having a motive for killing the twisted factory boss – the list of suspects reads like a 'Who's Who' of Weatherfield."[14] Over the following weeks, Frank manages to alienate himself as he tries to get revenge on Carla for dragging him through court.[14] Lancel said Frank's true colours would be exposed and he does not think his life is in danger for a moment.[14] His body will be found in the factory, following "days of arguments and confrontations with associates, lovers and enemies alike."[14] A reporter for the Metro later announced that five regular characters would become suspects during the investigation into Frank's murder.[15] Frank will be found dead on the floor of the Underworld factory by Sally Webster.[15] The Metro reporter said Sally comes under suspicion when she is found standing over Frank's body with bloodied hands.[15] Carla, Peter and Michelle are questioned by the police, while Sally's ex-husband, Kevin, will also fall under suspicion.[15] Lancel praised his character's final storyline, calling it "classic Corrie".[16] It was later revealed that Frank's mother, Anne, was the killer during a showdown between her, Carla, Sally and Kevin.

Rob Donovan[edit]

In March 2012, it was announced that Carla's brother Rob Donovan would be arriving later in the year. Carla had previously mentioned a brother. Speaking of the announcement a Coronation Street spokesperson said: "We are seeing lots of different actors over the next week or so. We have got some exciting storylines lined up for Carla's brother. He is a character the fans have been keen to meet for some time".[17] In May 2012, it was announced that actor Marc Baylis had been cast to play Rob. Speaking of his casting Baylis said: "I feel incredibly honoured to be joining the very talented cast of Coronation Street. Rob is an exciting character to play and I am hoping he is going to ruffle a few Weatherfield feathers". Producer Phil Collinson said: "I'm very pleased to welcome Marc to the cast - the latest in a long line of handsome Corrie charmers. Carla's brother Rob is sure to set hearts fluttering in Weatherfield from the minute he arrives. The audience can expect thrills and a few broken hearts when this handsome bad boy hits town." Rob departed in November 2014 and returned later in December 2015 whilst he was in prison for murdering Tina.[18]

Temporary departure[edit]

In May 2012, it was reported that Carla would depart with her boyfriend Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) in 2012, for four months.[19] Speaking of her departure King said: "It's three years since I had a baby and I've been working for all of that time so I haven't been able to spend too much time with my family. I plan to have a nice holiday and spend time at home getting jobs done on the house, all very normal stuff. King insisted that she still enjoys playing Carla and has no plans to depart for good. King's final scenes aired on July 16, 2012, she returned to filming on October 1, 2012 and was back on screen in December, shows boss announced that Carla and Peter would return at Christmas with big news.[20]

Arrival of the new Connor family and father's identity[edit]

In 2015, Coronation Street introduced three new members of the Connor family, consisting of Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward), Kate Connor (Faye Brooks) and Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley). Producer Stuart Blackburn told Digital Spy that there will be a real shocker for Carla after she receives news from one of the new Conners. Blackburn commented: "The Connors are looking great. I think in Aidan, Johnny and Kate, we've really hit gold. One of those characters will deliver a bit of news to Carla that will change her sense of self and perception forever. It's going to be a real shocker."[21]


On 1 May 2015, it was reported that King would be "taking a break" in 2016. A Coronation Street spokeswoman said in a statement released to Digital Spy: "Alison King has indicated to producers that she would like to take a sabbatical from the show for creative reasons at some point in 2016. She wishes to try her hand at other projects before returning to the part of Carla Connor, a role she has enjoyed playing for nine years. Before Ali takes her break, Carla has much more drama to come. At the end of this month, she will be central to the explosive storyline which sees Victoria Court go up in flames, and the aftermath of that plotline will have huge consequences for the factory boss. Ali's desire to take a break from the show gives the writers the opportunity to come up with a enthralling exit for the character."[22] In September 2015, King said in an interview: "I have just signed till May 2016, there is a lot to do with Carla yet. I haven't had a chance to think about beyond that.[23] On 8 January 2016, it was confirmed that King's departure was in fact permanent. King told Metro: "It's not actually a break - I'm actually leaving. Because they're leaving the door open, I think people originally called it a break and people are asking 'When are you coming back?' and I'm like 'I'm not'".[24]


Critical response[edit]

Columnist Grace Dent has described Carla as " alluring vision, raven haired, classy, sultry and replete with guile".[25] The episode aired on 3 December 2008, in which Carla married Tony Gordon attracted an impressive peak of 10.5 million viewers.[26]

In January 2009, the character was heralded as the new Elsie Tanner: "strong, dark, mouthy, pushy, full of herself and nobody's fool, ready to put the world to rights with another lashing of lipstick. Has Coronation Street finally found the new Elsie Tanner in Carla Gordon I'm starting to think that perhaps they might have".[27] The return of the character on 19 October 2009, after an eight-month absence, drew large ratings for the show's episodes which were watched by 9.88m (42.2%) and 10.24m (40.5%) respectively.[28]

Radio Times soaps columnist David Brown gave mixed comments in his response to Carla's rape storyline. He made the point that while it was being treated with more sensitivity than the rape of Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) was, back in 2001, the impression was that the writing team were placing too much pain and anguish upon Carla's character: "By having Carla undergo a vicious violation like rape, it begins to feel that she’s being systematically targeted by the storyliners. There’s no denying that the scenes in this evening’s double bill are powerfully acted by Alison King, but there seems to be an underlying mission to crack open Carla’s carapace and expose her vulnerability. In the wider world, rapists often choose their targets regardless of the victim’s circumstance, so there’s no saying that Carla wouldn’t suffer an assault of this sort. But, in a fictional setting, it does begin to look cruel when so much anguish is piled onto one person’s shoulders."[29]

Sarah Ellis of Inside Soap said that Carla was great to watch when she is with Peter. She added that they are "like a car crash waiting to happen".[30]


In an online poll conducted by MSN Entertainment, Carla Connor was voted as 'Soapland's Sexiest Female of 2008', with more than 31% of votes.[31] At the 2008 Inside Soap Awards, the character was voted "Best Bitch".[32] King was awarded "Best Actress" at The British Soap Awards 2012.[33] On Digital Spy's 2012 end of year reader poll, King was nominated for "Best Female Soap Actor" and came fifth with 9.7% of the vote.[34] King was nominated for the "Best Actress" award at The British Soap Awards 2014, and was nominated for the award again in the 2015 ceremony.

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