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Carla Marinucci is a political reporter for Politico,[1] formerly of the San Francisco Chronicle,[2] specializing in California state gubernatorial politics and national politics.[citation needed] Marinucci is a veteran California political reporter and has also covered business and crime in the past for the Contra Costa Times[citation needed] and The San Francisco Examiner.[3] She has won more than two dozen national and state awards.[3] Marinucci has broken numerous national political news stories, including about California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.[2] She also appears frequently on the PBS Public Television show This Week in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area[3] and has appeared several times on Hardball with Chris Matthews.[4]

She received international attention in April 2011 after posting a video on the internet of Barack Obama saying US Army Private Chelsea Manning (then known as Bradley) "broke the law". Supporters of Manning accused Obama of jeopardising Manning's chances of receiving a fair trial. Marinucci was punished[5][6] by the White House which withdrew her privileges.[7][8] The White House was then accused of hypocrisy.[9] The San Francisco Chronicle accused the White House of a "credibility gap on press coverage".[10] Carla also appears on the Ronn Owens KGO talk show in San Francisco.


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