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Carle or Carlé is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Eric Carle (born 1929), American designer, illustrator, and writer of children's books
  • Frankie Carle (1903–2001), American pianist and bandleader
  • Jerry Carle (1923–2014), American football, basketball, and baseball player and coach
  • Gabrielle Carle (born 1998), Canadian soccer forward
  • Gilles Carle (1928–2009), French Canadian director, screenwriter and painter
  • Glenn Carle, American writer and former intelligence officer
  • Jean Carle (born 1962), Canadian former civil servant, business executive, and Liberal Party operative
  • María Lourdes Carlé (born 2000), Argentine tennis player
  • Mathieu Carle (born 1987), Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman
  • Matt Carle (born 1984), American former professional ice hockey defenseman
  • Nichole de Carle (born 1984), British fashion designer
  • Nick Carle (born 1981), retired Australian soccer midfielder
  • Pontus Carle (born 1955), contemporary artist
  • Richard Carle (1871–1941), American stage and film actor
  • Sophie Carle (born 1964), Luxembourgian actress and singer

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