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A Carlebach Minyan is a Jewish prayer service that follows the style of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and uses the melodies he composed for many prayers.

These minyanim are distinctive for their emphasis on singing the liturgy, often using Carlebach's original nigunim. According to Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt, Carlebach "changed the expectations of the prayer experience from decorous and somber to uplifting and ecstatic as he captivated generations with elemental melodies and stories of miraculous human saintliness, modesty and unselfishness." [1]

These minyanim are found all over the world. The most famous popular and permanent ones in America are: "The Happy Minyan" in LA (, the "Mission Minyan" in San Francisco (, and "The Carlebach Shul" in New York ( The most famous popular and permanent ones in Israel are:

For more info visit the website: there are another mynianim all over the world: Argentina : la casa belgrano uruguay : Yavne community

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